A Creation In the Molding

I’ve always believed that our existence is about becoming more than we have ever been before. In some lives we may backtrack, while in others we thrive. Whatever the tracks we leave, we all know there is something deep in the back of our minds that we are meant to achieve or become; this may be a desire created from our innermost child-self, or an encouraging artifact we “came across” during our lifetime. The reason why I quoted “came across” is because we often encounter the same thing over and over, allowing the idea to seep into our mind until one day, we notice it and think “I’ve seen this before” or “Hmm this is it!”. Either way our journeys are unique and our goals are subliminally introduced to us time and time again for a reason: The Universe is on your side!

The Universe wants you to be your whole self and achieve what you believe in. The first step to the path of accomplishment is acknowledgement. Congrats! You are finally listening to yourself! The next few steps are far more individualized for all of you, so we won’t go into those details. The only things I ask of all you are to be dedicated and patient with yourself and your goals. You must!


What does that mean?? This phrase means that “perfection” (however you choose to define this) takes time, a lot of energy, a hint of magic, and a crap ton of miracles to manifest something that is unique to your world. It means you are worth the manifestation of something amazing!

 Your goals, accomplishments, and your deepest dreams are not typically an overnight thing. Whether you are aiming to be a better you or do better than you’ve seen yourself do, YOU are on your way there as long as you set your mind to it. It’s time to crack down and focus. This is about you! The Universe wants to help you roundhouse kick that door down and walk in like “YEAH!” However it takes time to create what lies behind the door. While you’re waiting to open it, you’ve got to prepare yourself for this grand scheme. 

That being said, you must initiate the molding of your goals, and life will take care of the rest. You’ve got to stay true to you and your goals, love yourself and the process that you are in. If you’re in a rut, look at the situation from a different perspective. Ask yourself why you’re there and what you are to learn from this. And keep going! Some goals take months, years, or even most of a lifetime to achieve, depending on how powerful of a goal it is, and the roads you take to get there. Either way, YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT! You deserve better! Now take it!

Published by Nonna

Inspired by the worlds around me, I created Nonna, an alternative healing spa and life coaching experience. Nonna heals the mind, body, and soul; for you are an interconnected metaphysical being capable of changing your life, understanding yourself and others around you, and manifesting what you need with the drop of a hat. The works of Nonna are as practical as they are eye opening! What if...we took the mystery out of life, and saw things for what they really are. What would you do, with what you know?

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