Essence of Mortality

I’ve been thinking a lot about my family and friends, as well as the companions I’ve yet to become acquainted with. In fact, I’ve been thinking a lot about mortality as of late. I’m not sure whether I’m feeling the sentiments of the world, or simply realizing there is a time to feel everything to a well-balanced degree. But I do know that mortality is of us all.

This pandemic has made me think about mortality and how much I value so many of you, yet I don’t say it as much as I should. And so, I created this website, and a youtube page to remind you as well as myself that there is always time and energy to be spent telling someone just how important they are.

One of my close friends recently lost a relative. Instead of grieving for her, he and his family celebrated the wonderful impact that this woman made on them. They rejoiced for the time they were able to spend with her, and the lessons, and the love they shared with her. This is the true meaning of acknowledging mortality, in my eyes. 

Yes, grieving is ALWAYS okay! And so is celebrating one for whom they were and what greatness they did, while physically residing amongst us. It is always okay to miss someone that is gone. And it’s also better to let go of them, knowing that you connected with them, in a way that no one else could. Because of that, mortality will never truly separate you from a love that is so uniquely shared.

Think of mortality as a way to get back to the roots of your tribe. WE are your tribe. You all matter to me. You are loved by me… It might mean a little more for me to say this in person, looking through the windows of your soul. But I would hope my words would be sufficient enough to communicate that even mortality will never separate the unfathomed love I have for YOU.

Published by Nonna

Inspired by the worlds around me, I created Nonna, an alternative healing spa and life coaching experience. Nonna heals the mind, body, and soul; for you are an interconnected metaphysical being capable of changing your life, understanding yourself and others around you, and manifesting what you need with the drop of a hat. The works of Nonna are as practical as they are eye opening! What if...we took the mystery out of life, and saw things for what they really are. What would you do, with what you know?

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