I Believe In A Thing Called Karma

My first few years of college were eye opening. It was the first time I had ever felt like being my real self was publicly acceptable, even if I hadn’t figured myself out by then. The biggest game changer was being a pagan, meeting others, and helping the rest to discover their inner pagan… if they wanted that, that is. Sounds…strange, hmm? My intentions are never to convert someone… I only like sharing my side of the world. But this story isn’t about me.

This story is about a student I knew, who discovered their inner pagan, indirectly through my influence, and became a garbage human. This person would come to me for questions they may have had about my spirituality. I saw them as a friend and a padawan, until something didn’t add up. One of my other college friends told me this wild story about this person invoking evil for the fun of it. I later found out that this person was intentionally stealing the force right from underneath their own companions. A belief system (religious or not) has a way of bringing out the best in people…or the worst

What started out as something so curious and inspiring, turned so dark and abusive in the world of their victims. They didn’t know what was going on. None but one. I felt in a way like Dumbledorf, looking upon what Voldemort had become. I didn’t make them this way. They simply chose. 

I believe in a thing called karma.

I recently read about reaching a certain level of consciousness that relieves someone of karmic pressures. It is a force of being that relinquishes you of lower level attributes of consciousness. As alluring as that sounds, I then have to question, why then are you here if you relieved yourself of such cosmic influence? I will never downplay something that I don’t fully understand. I am not fully knowledgeable in that topic. I am, however, conscious of two things: 1. We are all here as students and teachers, continuously learning until the whole being is through with a cycle, and 2. Most of us do not get to see the karma unfold for those who have wronged us or other beings.

I don’t think that karma is out to get people. I think karma is a teacher. However you perceive the intentions of this force is of your own accord. Karma is the flow of consciousness, based on what we have learned, and what we aim to learn in the future. It wants to connect the dots for you, and tell you why this strand of memory in the past connects to your present predicament. It doesn’t hold a grudge to make you feel bad. It simply is a way for you to understand the perspective of another person. My karma has allowed me to learn and grow, help, and feel hurt. It has allowed me to mature and realize that this world doesn’t surround me. This earth is not the only inhabited planet in the galaxy. 

I believe that karma really does want us to be above this force, so that it doesn’t have to teach us anymore tough lessons; but we are interconnected beings. We have to be aware of what we do, and how that impacts our future as well as the rest of the world. What kind of waves will we send out to the universe? If you were to feel that wave magnified, would you appreciate the flow of energy? 

Life isn’t all good, we know this. However life dances around us in the way that it does to see what our next move is. Will you lead or will you follow? Will you stumble and stay on the floor or will you stand back up and change your moves? Kharma is the judge, scolding you to get back up, giving you points numbered 0-10 based on what routine you bring to the dancefloor. At 10 you are in command, and flowing with grace as your partner, life, flows back with your suave moves. 

I don’t know what the karma of this one particular student will look like. But I do know that karma knows all, because it is a force within us all. Knowledge is meant to elevate us. Please don’t see that as a way to tear others down. We are not in a race with other people, we are in a race with ourselves. Be good to others. Be good to yourself. I won’t define what that should mean to you; because you should be the designer of your morale. 

You are in charge of what you do in your life. You are in charge of learning along the way. Do not make your life any harder, by making it hard on people…or yourself. Send out waves that you know you deserve.

P.S. To my fellow pagans, be wary of those who pretend to be your friends. Sadly, not every fellow (pagan) is on your side.

Published by Nonna

Inspired by the worlds around me, I created Nonna, an alternative healing spa and life coaching experience. Nonna heals the mind, body, and soul; for you are an interconnected metaphysical being capable of changing your life, understanding yourself and others around you, and manifesting what you need with the drop of a hat. The works of Nonna are as practical as they are eye opening! What if...we took the mystery out of life, and saw things for what they really are. What would you do, with what you know?

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