I Cry For The Earth

I’ve been through this Trap, Time and Again

And so have you, my long lost friend

I discern lost, since we always have to find

Purpose in life, reason to be Kind

I’m so lost in this Earth, I want to Leave

I want a Life outside of what I Believe

I want to go out in Nature and hug a Tree

Feel the Being lower their branches, Embracing me

I want to watch the sunset everyday

And at Night, wake up the Tribe to spread out and play

To explore the unknown and discover love lost

To take flight in a world with no cost

Nay… I don’t live in that World

You took all things complicated and gave it a swirl

Poured it out; left if on the surface of this planet

It burned, then solidified, turning into granite

Days and Nights become lost in sorrow

Folks always wishing for a better tomorrow

I think I came here to teach people love

Like some of the Beings they said traveled from above

Because to wish for a different day

Means changing the now in some way

When emotions are swinging it’s hard to take action

Your mind and your heart become an internal distraction

I know how hard it is to want or need and not have

Everyone goes through it, we all feel the drag

So we hurt and we take as much as we can

We forgot that Together we have a Divine plan

I stop and look around at the domino effect

That pain and reaction often reflect,

And I sit down and cry out of shame and fear

Wondering if we’ll ever evolve out of here

It’s so much simpler, why can’t you see

If you choose to love, you’d be so much more free

Something happens when your heart opens up

It’s like living with an overflowing cup

Breath becomes fire, love shines like a Star

The Monkey Mind cannot tell you who you are

I wake up in this World with some whimsical feeling

That we’re stronger together, we’ll move past the healing

But until we can agree to thrive on Rebirth

I will Inevitably…Cry for The Earth


Published by Nonna

Inspired by the worlds around me, I created Nonna, an alternative healing spa and life coaching experience. Nonna heals the mind, body, and soul; for you are an interconnected metaphysical being capable of changing your life, understanding yourself and others around you, and manifesting what you need with the drop of a hat. The works of Nonna are as practical as they are eye opening! What if...we took the mystery out of life, and saw things for what they really are. What would you do, with what you know?

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