Have you ever been in love without the romantic feeling?

Have you ever seen a scar mend without doing the healing?

Have you ever been around a love so potent,

That makes it so easy to live in the moment?

I’ve awaited this time, this space, this life

Where I can finally put down my sword and knife

Where I’m not fighting so hard to live or breathe

Where something I truly want finally comes with ease

Don’t get me wrong, I had to let go

Of beings so fake; my guides told me so

Through the hurt and pain and mistrust I’ve built

Confusion of morals, misguided by guilt

Universe grabbed my hand helped me up

Stretched out my wings and overflowed my cup

For when I opened my eyes, I finally perceived

A loving tribe that I’ve always wished to receive

Some im teaching, others I’m learning from

All of them show me I’m as bright as the sun

We are all beings trying to find our way

Knowing that together we’ll be okay

Though each journey is different, using lace or leather

We’re all aware that we are stronger together

To have a love that I share with my ever-growing Tribe

Is to dance along a path I could never fully describe…

Published by Nonna

Inspired by the worlds around me, I created Nonna, an alternative healing spa and life coaching experience. Nonna heals the mind, body, and soul; for you are an interconnected metaphysical being capable of changing your life, understanding yourself and others around you, and manifesting what you need with the drop of a hat. The works of Nonna are as practical as they are eye opening! What if...we took the mystery out of life, and saw things for what they really are. What would you do, with what you know?

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