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Patreon is a place for all members to relate to each other! In this sacred space, we share poetry weekly, and enjoy the services Nonna provides at a seriously LOW price, and create a REAL Community! The Hand Made ART of these members are just a few of many gifts we bestow on our community!

At Nonna’s Patreon, every Wednesday is an inspiring Poetry Wednesday, where every member gets involved! Here Are Some of Our Popular Pieces!

Life’s Great!!
Waking up this morning
Feeling great
Full of Life
The invincible, unstoppable ME
What more can I ask for
Looking and feeling my best
The stuff dreams are made of
Exceptional in thy sight
Oh what a wonderful life, it is
No one can take
This HIGH from me
Feeling as though there’s a rebirth within
I was once lost
But now I’m found
I can’t wait for the morrow
To experience this feeling all over
Life’s great and worth living
It’s been a long time
Inspired this way
Don’t know what’s come over me
But I Feel Like The New Me
On my endeavor to work these words
Songs so sweet to my ear
Like birds singing in the morning sun
I’ve found a New Love
Apple of my eye
Me, Myself, and I
There’s No greater love
Than love for one’s self
No one can take away from me

Poetry in motion
Your’s Truly
~D. Ming
Ode to the Onion
Sweet bulb
Buried under the dirt
No sunshine reaches you
Safe and secure below
Layer upon layer built up
Protect the heart
Suffocating under the protection of dirt
The need for sunshine and air 
Profound, instinctual
Organic, green antennae bursting!
Bursting from deep within the modest heart
Of a modest, little bulb 
Full of nothing but organic potential
A single Onion
A speck in a drop in a waterfall making its way through
A single Onion –
magnificent and insignificant
Unaware of the minuscule 
Unaware of the monumental 
A single onion grows ferociously
Delicate, doomed tendrils of life
Green and free
Plunging into the vast blue above
with beautiful abandon
Every ravage of the world sent down the veins
To the bulb
Every detriment overcame
Bringing fortitude 
Simple joy
Raindrops and the sunshine that dries them
Fragments of life flowing by to exist for a fleeting moment with
An Onion
The tickle of a deer’s tongue
The pinch of a rabbit’s teeth
The prickle of a beetle’s feet
Down the veins 
Down through Earth
The Onion 
Committing rebellious alchemy
Alchemizing existence
The pain and beauty of being
The universe expressed
In an Onion
Hearty, boisterous blooms
Vigorous fragrance drains the Onion
A bulb plucked from the earth before it blossoms
Strong and misunderstood
Desired and wanted
The onion weeps as the knife works
Committing rebellious alchemy in the air
Organic potential bleeds on the board
The smell of a weeping Onion elicits tears
Aggressive empathy demanded
Weep for the beauty and the tragedy of existence
Perpetual, rebellious alchemy
Sweet bulb
Grown buried under the dirt
A single Onion
A speck in a drop in a waterfall making its way through
Magnificent and insignificant
A single Onion
~Cherie Lynn
The Loneless Widow
A widow of her best
Sits at night
In the Beautiful Light
The beautiful widow
Mourns her husband,
As the days go by
In the midst of time
She gazes at the stars 
As they fade
She looked into the stars
And prayed
About this pain
Day by Night
She’d become
Depressed and slowly…
Was gone.
Looking into the eyes of Death
She was
Almost Perfect
Hannah W.
Sometimes I wished
I was as dark
As they perceive
To become the perceivable
To be my deceit
I wished that only
I had the heart to say
And to smite, and to spike
What the say soers think I flay
I wished…just once
The darkness they think I am
Will fly out with passionate rage
And astoundingly sliver their hands
Everyone’s a critic
We all have our lies
But that one thing that which is me
I will never hide
I am golden in flesh
And purple in aura
The heart yearns to make anew
Wishing in a sudden roar
Their whispering would foretell right
So that I can stop being me for a moment
And suffocate the liars through day and night.
If I then become
The darkness they fear so
They would no longer be liars
They’d be the dead that foretold
~Noni Night
Bitten until brittle
Burn until frozen
Cold until hardened
Elements of pain can manifest into the
Darkest night
Stealing your breath in your chest
Redefining your very essence
Embraced until solid
Cool until calm
Hot until softened
Elements of love can shed light into the
Darkest of nights
Gifting your heart with fulfillment
Sculpting your very soul
Light and Dark are intertwined
One must only discover their harmony
~K. Sims

Her readings are insightful, gentle but not sugar coated. Her passion and love is felt through the screen. Thank you for sharing your powerful videos and writings!

Fanny Fluorite

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