This is Not Okay…In Relationships

Relationships aren’t as easy-going as the movies make them out to be. However, they should not be as hard as pushing a boulder uphill. If a relationship causes you more stress than it does happiness, it’s time to rethink what you deserve. Compromise in a relationship is a necessity.  After talking to a number ofContinue reading “This is Not Okay…In Relationships”

Why You Have To Purge Regularly

Humanity is so off balanced! We’re either playing the game of “TAKE TAKE TAKE”, or we’re too busy GIVING, to notice a bucket load of energy leaking right out of us! In today’s society everyone focuses on getting better, getting more, aiming higher, and so on. Truthfully, it’s a wonderful thing to want better! ThereContinue reading “Why You Have To Purge Regularly”

Relationships… (Should Not Be)… This Hard

Life is not as complicated as we think it is.  I’ve lived long enough to know one thing: each gender thinks the opposite sex is an unfathomable conundrum. How did we get so far from each other, knowing that we have fallen from the same tree? I am not here to fix this problem. ThisContinue reading “Relationships… (Should Not Be)… This Hard”

Feeling Disconnected? Be the Empathizer

What is the best way to control the masses? Divide and conquer. You are a mediator of life, death, and everything in between. You are simply unaware of the fact that you have control of these qualities. As humans, we experience many emotions like unity, loneliness, detachment, and creativity. We encounter events like the birthContinue reading “Feeling Disconnected? Be the Empathizer”