From Something Mild…To Something Wild

We all came into this earth with the intention to gain something WILD out of it. Who would have thought that we’d end up being greater than ever, once achieving that! Your past wouldn’t have believed that! I know for a fact that every single one of us came into a world where things wereContinue reading “From Something Mild…To Something Wild”

Do Not Look for the Potential of Your Suitor!

DON’T DO IT!! Life is scary for a hopeless romantic! You darling souls are just looking for something to love, and end up treading through some really dark places to find it! Having all the love in the world to give, and no one to give it to is truly a burden…until you realize thatContinue reading “Do Not Look for the Potential of Your Suitor!”

Separate, Cleanse, Death, Rebirth- This Time is Yours

From this point, YOU are changing because you are ready for change. Change is a process….a goal…a life. You’ll have to embrace change because we are beings of this Earth. No matter how many lifetimes we have, the golden rule is, we exist on this plane to grow. There is no growth without change. ThereContinue reading “Separate, Cleanse, Death, Rebirth- This Time is Yours”