The Worlds We Live In!

Humble Human

Learning curves are the waves of your life.  We are surrounded by mounds of knowledge from which to learn, relearn, contradict with ourselves and others, and once more reorganize our reasoning for life.  There is nothing wrong with that. YOU are here to evolve more than once in a single lifetime! It’s okay sometimes toContinue reading “Humble Human”

Your Imagination

A child’s imagination is their only reality for a very long time.  When my older sister was a child, she had an imaginary friend for a couple of years. I like to think their relationship became a little strained after my mom became pregnant. My sister’s friend was adamant about not having another human inContinue reading “Your Imagination”

How To Clear Your Mind

Your mind is a little fickle.  We see all these cool things that human beings are capable of thinking and doing; yet when we look at ourselves, we think little to nothing about our superpowers. We all want superpowers that will help us to live a more convenient life. But “no, these things aren’t real!”Continue reading “How To Clear Your Mind”

New-Age Adulting

I didn’t realize you’re never too old to be a name-caller.  This world wants you to grow up and learn the rules of adulthood; but no one tells you about how big of babies some people can be. Do you remember the 2016 elections? Our presidential candidates were no longer politicians. They were celebrities inContinue reading “New-Age Adulting”

Are You Worth it?

I hope you aren’t tired of reading this but, You Deserve More! You are worth more than this world will tell you. Some, like myself, had to figure this out a little late in the game of life. But we’re making it; not just for ourselves, but also for those who came before us, andContinue reading “Are You Worth it?”

Heaven and Hell

There is heaven and hell in all of us.  Aside from the popular belief that polar opposites are mortal enemies, we often forget that we are the fine line between everything. When people are out of balance we swing on opposite spectrums at the same time… as a whole. We are a massive contradiction! WhenContinue reading “Heaven and Hell”

Self-Loathing is Not Cute

I will forever be confused by those romance movies who portray an “amazing love” between a character who clings too hard on another who doesn’t know how to love. In reality, we would consider that to be a very unhealthy relationship. Apart from the level ten clinger who probably has some internal turmoil of theContinue reading “Self-Loathing is Not Cute”


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