The Worlds We Live In!

The Newbies

Yoohoo! *Props out leg into ongoing traffic* I couldn’t help but notice there are a lot of newbies discovering their own self-healing/supernatural journey.  Okay, let’s omit the leg propping. I’m not looking for pervy cat callers.  From one interconnected metaphysical being to another, I wanted to let you know that you are not the onlyContinue reading “The Newbies”

Tough Learning

Dear Reader, I write a lot of articles to you on healing, discovering self value, and learning the odd perspective. Although I believe in the values of love and light, you must be aware that we need the dark to understand what polar powers mean. Our strength lies in the union of many opposing powers.Continue reading “Tough Learning”

Recovering Empathy

You have a lot of unpopular opinions.  You are a separate entity from yourself when no one but the closest ones are looking! That distant part of your identity is locked away in a dark closet, in your basement…in your (imaginary) second house! Why hide so much? Maybe you feel (or you know very well)Continue reading “Recovering Empathy”

To the Self-Critic

My love, Who told you to be your own worst critic? Whether or not you are aware, you have plenty of opposing forces outside! Why let a familiar face penetrate you…from within?  Do you look at yourself in the mirror? Who do you see? When you look deep into your soul’s windows, do you seeContinue reading “To the Self-Critic”

That Moment When…

If you’re reading this, YOU more than likely made a significant impact on at least one person in your life so far. You’re a pretty big deal! To impact the way someone thinks, feels, communicates, or acts is to say the least a single of many reasons why you are here.  Now think about theContinue reading “That Moment When…”

Energy Waste

When I was younger, I had a friend always tell me, there are many things we can get back like money. Yet some things in life are unattainable after it is gone. This particular individual had no patience for anyone who set out to waste the sacred…time.  I learned a bit from this old friend,Continue reading “Energy Waste”

Spirit Guides

Do you ever feel as if you are being watched, whether by an observer, a spy, or a protector? Believe it or not, someone always has an eye on you. Really… on all of us. It sounds a tad creepy, but you are not the only world in this realm. We live in the middleContinue reading “Spirit Guides”

Your Safe Space

Life can be pretty uncomfortable at times.  Do you ever feel like there’s no place for you? Not just you, but all of the other versions of you…at the same time. Maybe you like the outdoors, but like me you wouldn’t dare to step outside in the winter. Who needs below freezing when you canContinue reading “Your Safe Space”


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