The Worlds We Live In!

That Moment When…

If you’re reading this, YOU more than likely made a significant impact on at least one person in your life so far. You’re a pretty big deal! To impact the way someone thinks, feels, communicates, or acts is to say the least a single of many reasons why you are here.  Now think about theContinue reading “That Moment When…”

Energy Waste

When I was younger, I had a friend always tell me, there are many things we can get back like money. Yet some things in life are unattainable after it is gone. This particular individual had no patience for anyone who set out to waste the sacred…time.  I learned a bit from this old friend,Continue reading “Energy Waste”

Spirit Guides

Do you ever feel as if you are being watched, whether by an observer, a spy, or a protector? Believe it or not, someone always has an eye on you. Really… on all of us. It sounds a tad creepy, but you are not the only world in this realm. We live in the middleContinue reading “Spirit Guides”

Your Safe Space

Life can be pretty uncomfortable at times.  Do you ever feel like there’s no place for you? Not just you, but all of the other versions of you…at the same time. Maybe you like the outdoors, but like me you wouldn’t dare to step outside in the winter. Who needs below freezing when you canContinue reading “Your Safe Space”

Healing Can Be Hard

What do you think of when you see the word healing?  Doctors? Therapists? Music? What about…you? Have you ever thought of how much self-healing you experience in your life? A LITERAL CRAP LOAD. If I had a nickel for every time you healed, I’d have enough money to sit and write to you everyday.  YourContinue reading “Healing Can Be Hard”

The Programmers and You

Do you ever feel like a muppet? You’re very real to yourself and everyone around you, but you’re still attached to… strings! You’re still not you. What does that mean? It means you’re not the controller of your charming muppet self. You’ve been riding the backseat for as long as you can remember based onContinue reading “The Programmers and You”

Humble Human

Learning curves are the waves of your life.  We are surrounded by mounds of knowledge from which to learn, relearn, contradict with ourselves and others, and once more reorganize our reasoning for life.  There is nothing wrong with that. YOU are here to evolve more than once in a single lifetime! It’s okay sometimes toContinue reading “Humble Human”

Your Imagination

A child’s imagination is their only reality for a very long time.  When my older sister was a child, she had an imaginary friend for a couple of years. I like to think their relationship became a little strained after my mom became pregnant. My sister’s friend was adamant about not having another human inContinue reading “Your Imagination”

How To Clear Your Mind

Your mind is a little fickle.  We see all these cool things that human beings are capable of thinking and doing; yet when we look at ourselves, we think little to nothing about our superpowers. We all want superpowers that will help us to live a more convenient life. But “no, these things aren’t real!”Continue reading “How To Clear Your Mind”


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