The Newbies

Yoohoo! *Props out leg into ongoing traffic* I couldn’t help but notice there are a lot of newbies discovering their own self-healing/supernatural journey.  Okay, let’s omit the leg propping. I’m not looking for pervy cat callers.  From one interconnected metaphysical being to another, I wanted to let you know that you are not the onlyContinue reading “The Newbies”

Things That Go Bump At Night

When was the last time you woke up in the middle of the night with that eerie feeling that something was going on? Yet, you find yourself swamped, half asleep in the middle of an empty…dark…room. It’s all in your head… NOT! Not sorry to burst your pleasant ignorance, but when you sense something strangeContinue reading “Things That Go Bump At Night”

Do Good People with Bad Karma Exist?

What’s the point of being known for all of the greatness you do for everyone, if you are a self-depreciating individual?  Karma is a real energetic force that lives in our being like all other realms. When you think about bad karma, you typically point out the people who have done wrong…like the unforgivable kind.Continue reading “Do Good People with Bad Karma Exist?”