Your Future…Unforetold

The future isn’t as scary as we think.  Yet, when we imagine a future relative to an event, a relationship, or an opportunity, the easiest fleeting thought one possesses is, “what if…?” “What if I trip on the stage, and everyone laughs at me?” “What if I am rejected?” “What if they think I’m notContinue reading “Your Future…Unforetold”

Separate, Cleanse, Death, Rebirth- This Time is Yours

From this point, YOU are changing because you are ready for change. Change is a process….a goal…a life. You’ll have to embrace change because we are beings of this Earth. No matter how many lifetimes we have, the golden rule is, we exist on this plane to grow. There is no growth without change. ThereContinue reading “Separate, Cleanse, Death, Rebirth- This Time is Yours”