Are You A Super?

What is a super? Do you recall all of those hero movies and tv shows you watched as a child, or teenager? Maybe you’re like me, and you still watch them! Well, supers aren’t just the heroes. They are the villains too. Supers are any being that acknowledges their inner power, and manifests it inContinue reading “Are You A Super?”

Why You Have To Purge Regularly

Humanity is so off balanced! We’re either playing the game of “TAKE TAKE TAKE”, or we’re too busy GIVING, to notice a bucket load of energy leaking right out of us! In today’s society everyone focuses on getting better, getting more, aiming higher, and so on. Truthfully, it’s a wonderful thing to want better! ThereContinue reading “Why You Have To Purge Regularly”

From Something Mild…To Something Wild

We all came into this earth with the intention to gain something WILD out of it. Who would have thought that we’d end up being greater than ever, once achieving that! Your past wouldn’t have believed that! I know for a fact that every single one of us came into a world where things wereContinue reading “From Something Mild…To Something Wild”

Do NOT Put Your Power In Others

Today, I woke up with a different song in my head. Upon contemplating the tasks for today, something said, “Don’t worry about work. Take care of yourself… starting now”. Whatever you say, mystical being in my mind! As advised, I spent the morning healing, and mentally preparing more so than I usually do. I didn’tContinue reading “Do NOT Put Your Power In Others”