Spirit Guides

Do you ever feel as if you are being watched, whether by an observer, a spy, or a protector?

Believe it or not, someone always has an eye on you. Really… on all of us. It sounds a tad creepy, but you are not the only world in this realm. We live in the middle ground, in between the realities that exist with and without us. 

One of my favorite worlds is the spirit world of GUIDES. 

YES. Spirit guides exist!

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are spiritual beings that help us in this tragically conformed society. They help us when we’re having bad days, need answers or ideas, they support us on our best days, and help us to stay on track to being our best selves. Remember that being your best self, is defined by you. The world is here to give you that extra nudge, appraisal, or U-turn!

Spirit guides come in many forms! They can be someone that recently passed, someone from your ancestral bloodline, or someone you look up to! They can be an angel, a demon, a fairy, a god, even your higher self. Spirit guides are not limited to humans or human-like beings. Some even have spirit animals, and other beings. Life too is in the unperceivable. 

Why do we have spirit guides?

Simple. We don’t have a manual to being alive. In my opinion, humans are not as imaginative as we think. We receive inspiration from the outer worlds as well as the universal self; that which is connected to EVERYTHING.

Also! Because gods are busy fighting a war. They’ve got more things to do than spend their waking existence spying on all 8 billion of us. 

Is it real?

A few months ago, I performed energy healing on a client. As I heal others, I begin to shed layers that became hidden due to life…or shall I say society blinding others from all that exists.  With no prior knowledge to his background, I told him about a spirit that surrounds him. A woman, infact. I described her the way that my third eye could see, and to his surprise, I had described his mother who passed away nine years ago. The hair style she had, down to the clothing she was wearing resembled the only photo of her that he had left. To this day I have never seen this photo. I was able to help him identify his spirit guide by his own perception of her; and she wanted me to pass on a message to her son. She is always there. 

Spirit guides are not usually those we know, but when a relationship is strong, or a guide feels drawn to someone’s mission, there they are!

Spirit guides are not always permanent. Some come and go. They go when they feel their job is done, or even if they feel like you’re not listening. Some stay for a lifetime, or many lifetimes. Some spirit guides arrive once you make a new decision for yourself. Like I said, this universe is on your side, whether or not it feels like it. 

I began seeing spirit guides in my early twenties. My great grandmother was one of the first ones I knew of. I saw her in spirit form when I was a child. That is how my mother discovered that she died. It wasn’t until I got older when my great grandmother was visible to me once more. She comes and goes, but I know she is here whenever I need guidance. 

You have spirits guiding you from another realm whether or not you are aware. They are a fleeting thought, an invisible hug, even a pair of eyeglasses that give you the utmost clarity for a single moment. 

It’s time you open your eyes to the possibility of spirit and energy existing in your life. 

Do you want to know your spirit guides? 

Book a Session with us, and Noni Night can help you. 

Your Safe Space

Life can be pretty uncomfortable at times. 

Do you ever feel like there’s no place for you? Not just you, but all of the other versions of you…at the same time. Maybe you like the outdoors, but like me you wouldn’t dare to step outside in the winter.

Who needs below freezing when you can hibernate…right?

Or maybe you’re more of a homebody, but home just isn’t as homey as you’d like it to be? Especially if you’re now working from home!

Where do you go when you need space for only you? No pets, no work, kids, lovers, bills, so on so forth.


Allow me to say that there is nothing wrong with needing space from everything. Life gets pretty overwhelming when you’re always on the run. You should never give up on your personal marathon. Yet, you will need to stop by your favorite caves alongs your path, because you deserve to build yourself even when no one is looking. 

It’s about time you make a safe space for yourself.

Find an area that makes you feel comfortable:

Go to your favorite park, room, cafe, or other quiet place that gives you time to be yourself. It can be outside of your home. If you have multiple places, that’s even better! If you can not find a place that makes you feel comfy, know that you are your own space as well. The way you perceive comfort, is uniquely designed for a unique YOU.

Personalize your Space:

Do something that makes your chosen space, a place for you, even if you share it. Bring your favorite items, and dress up the area while you’re there. Play some music or don’t. And a little aromatherapy can’t hurt. My safe space is my own living room. Even though I may share this space, I personalized a large part of this room to make it my personal dojo. There I set my altar, my candles in every corner of the room, aroma tools all over the house, and crystals in every facet of my home, especially the living room. 

Make time regularly to self-care:

Don’t just think of your safe space. Go there…often! 2020 taught most of us the importance of taking care of ourselves while dealing with a sky full of problems. Exploding with anger, stress, frustration, even depression isn’t worth the energy it takes to rebuild your wall of sanity if you could help to maintain your holistic health in the first place.

Now I know you have a lot of things on your plate, but you can’t do them all at the same time. Take it one step at a time, and not only make time for yourself, but also make that sacred space for your time to be worth it. 

Do you need help finding a safe space? Nonna can help. Contact us. 

Healing Can Be Hard

What do you think of when you see the word healing

Doctors? Therapists? Music? What about…you?

Have you ever thought of how much self-healing you experience in your life? A LITERAL CRAP LOAD.

If I had a nickel for every time you healed, I’d have enough money to sit and write to you everyday

Your body heals when you scrape your knee, or break a bone. You leave a job, a relationship, or a childhood home, and find comfort in a new one. Your life changes, and then changes again, every time something tragic happens. What you call a new normal, your metaphysical self calls evolution.

As I have said before, people evolve differently. Most of the time, we are so caught up with trying to survive in our own world that we evolve to fit the most appropriate patterns to “fix” our immediate problems, only for another one to arise. It’s almost like adulting were meant to be defined by a series of cyclical problems. I guess that’s why they call it the “rat race”. 

As we are subconsciously healing the real problems, our conscious worry-bug minds are peeling the scabs as we think about the other problems. 


The whole point of healing is to make decisions based on your most favorable path of life. Let’s say, for example, you use itching cream twice a day. It’s become a routine for you to use itching cream. It’s not a huge inconvenience, but it takes time and energy away from your day. You’re always thinking about that itch, hoping that little shit will one day disappear for good. Sometimes, you get that invisible itch, in a completely different location, as if it were phantom spreading. But the truth is, that itch just needs to heal to truly go away…not a quick fix itching cream. That’s how your mind works when you haven’t healed from childhood trauma, a very dramatic move, a huge disappointment, or even another breakup. 

But who has time to heal when we have so much going on in life…right?!

Sometimes, while we deal with other “immediate” problems, our mind puts a cap on the more serious, underlying pains. That explains why we have memory blocks, or irrational fears. This even applies to the way we shrink or lash out to the common experiences we are faced with on a daily basis. 

But here’s the truth: You’re holding onto something whether or not you are aware of it, and you need to make the energy to heal. You are your biggest hero.  Although the world around you can help you be a little better or worse you, you hold ALL accountability to actively step out of your mind and heal.

Healing can be hard. It takes actual conditioning for you to step into your multi-faceted being and face your biggest fears, disappointments, sorrows, or resentment. Even after you fix one problem, you’ll come to find that healing becomes a chore. There’s always work to do!

Healing is a way for you to evolve. You are always evolving. Therefore, you are worth the inner work out. 

Healing might be hard work, but here are some tips to work with:

  1. Surrender and Render: I learned this method of healing once by listening to a spiritual being named Elgear. Find something that haunts you. Face that event, then your emotional reaction to it. As an observer, do not hold on to that emotion. Instead let it melt away in your mind. Surrender it to the universal abyss, and render, or create a new open space for your mind. It does not matter what it looks like as long as it feels like expanding peace. From that point you may create whatever thought or idea that helps you to seal your peace. 
  1. Closure: If you need closure, but can not talk to someone to receive it, remember that not everyone heals the same way. Some people need to work on themselves before they can work with another person. Some people need to talk out their problems before they can work on themselves. This might sound disappointing, but you don’t need another person understanding your pain to heal. If someone wronged you, it’s time you face the reason why you feel wronged, and surrender it. Understand the root of the entire problem, and see if there is a cycle to that. Change your lifestyle to make more room for more positive influences. And know that you won’t put yourself in a situation that uproots your situation again. Most conflicts concerning people are usually cyclical.
  1. Find a Community: Find people around you that want the best for you: people who are willing to listen, understand, and adapt. The point of finding a positive community is not to feed off of each other, but instead to change your habits, like eating, working, communicating, and so much more.
  2. Dedication: Consciously changing yourself is a workout. If you want a healthier body, you’ll have to consciously eat better, and exercise more. If you want to live happier, you have to consciously work out the problems that lie within. No one said that peace didn’t require a little bloodshed, because in actuality, change requires a sacrifice. If you can routinely let go of the drama, healing will become second nature in no time.

The Programmers and You

Do you ever feel like a muppet? You’re very real to yourself and everyone around you, but you’re still attached to… strings! You’re still not you.

What does that mean?

It means you’re not the controller of your charming muppet self. You’ve been riding the backseat for as long as you can remember based on the most appropriate ways to react to life’s events. Yet, the backseat personality that you are so used to playing is your default. That is all you know!

Time to tune into the truth: You are whomever you train yourself to be. You are reinforced to train yourself based on your programmers.

As children we are all raised based on the rearing of our guardians. We ask questions to an extent, but mostly follow orders. They are our leaders after all! For a long time we believe that we should be exactly what our environment asks of us, in order to fit in with everyone else, and get the attainable future. The problem now is, we are so focused on the future and what we will be then, that we forget we are still in default-mode!

Your rearing environment is your first programmer.

Your habitual responses are your second, and more constant ones. 

Some of us rebels become everything that our parents did not plan. From that point on we begin a new cycle in our mind, following a persona that directly opposes our upbringing. The programmers of your childhood are silent for the time being. Once you are ready to find peace with your past, they shall return. Until then, you have entertained a new set of programmers. They will egg you on until you see the end of that particular rebellion. A lot of people go through this stage. We recognize them as our angry teenagers, spiritual explorers, promiscuous individuals, and the list goes on. How spicy!

Then life knocks on your door again. If you are a winner of maturation, you are ready for another internal revolutionary stage!

If you are not so comfortable with change in your life, you are overrun by your programmers.

Your feelings are based on the responses of your emotional patterns. You learn these patterns from those around you (eg. your friends, your family, and your emotionally intense connections). You internalize the most stimulating patterns based on experiences. You are then tuned into the thoughts of the many possible outcomes of life. Yet, you focus on the most emotionally reactive thoughts in your mind, let’s say “for survival sake”, even if they are unhealthy thoughts, and far from possible. Yet, you acknowledge that those are YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR FEELINGS, AND YOUR PERSONALITY.

Why are you thinking these thoughts?

You have a relationship with your programmers. You are the radio waves picking up on most familiar networks. Your thoughts are not even your thoughts most of the time. You’re playing backseat again in your mind, and now you don’t know who you are!

The secret is, that you have been mentally/emotionally conditioned since the day that you landed on this plane. 

You were taught many things in life, including how to follow what you want. But you were not told that you can be anything by allowing yourself to be the change. 

The world around us needs a lot of change.

As of late, it appears as if we have less and less control over our own lives. We have become control freaks for everything around us so that we don’t get sucked in! Yet, how are you controlling yourself throughout it all?

The real change starts within. Be the programmer! Be the muppeteer! You are living YOUR LIFE in YOUR BODY. That’s a lot of power!

Being the change you want is not as easy as turning on a switch, unless you’re a pretty good actor. It requires you to let go of those “closet homies” that overstayed their welcome in your mind. It’s okay. Look at it square in the face, and know that you are not that. It’s time to tune into a different program. 

You will have to practice how you want to speak to yourself and others, how you want to act…everywhere, and most importantly what YOU want to think about. 

I make videos to influence you to hop out of the backseat. Start thinking about things that used to scare you in the past. Why did it terrify you? How much control will you allow it to have over you now?

You are not your programmers. You are evolving. You ARE the Programmer. 

Humble Human

Learning curves are the waves of your life. 

We are surrounded by mounds of knowledge from which to learn, relearn, contradict with ourselves and others, and once more reorganize our reasoning for life. 

There is nothing wrong with that. YOU are here to evolve more than once in a single lifetime!

It’s okay sometimes to say that you don’t have all of the answers. The universe is here to teach you that you will always fathom more than the socially conceivable. Yes. You deserve more. Yet, the lovely universe also wants you to know that it’s not all about you

We’re in this together.

Be nice! Be respectful! And don’t put too many expectations on others; sometimes even we disappoint ourselves. 

Please remember humility.

Do you remember that time when Universe put you on your butt, just to show you that you’re being a little too extra? That could have been the moment you hit rock bottom. Or maybe the lesson was a little more subtle, like a tiny epiphany during a conversation with a stranger. Life doesn’t want to teach you humility every now and again. It wants you to remember so that you don’t have to fall so many times! 

Humility is the way one understands how important we are to each other. It’s a way to take life a little less seriously because we can’t control everything. It’s a way to enjoy the smaller things while we’re in route to acquiring the bigger things. Humility is that fresh of breath air for someone else… not just you; because sometimes we all need a break from the typical human experience.

The most humbling experience I’ve had was being a restaurant server. It’s not like donating, or giving your time to help out the unfortunate. It’s like struggling to grab your own life on the inside, while you’re smiling on the outside. 

You’re smiling when your table asks you for an item EVERY time you come back to them. You’re smiling when someone cracks an offensive joke. You’re smiling when some perv grabs your waist. You’re smiling after someone tips you 3% off a bill, because you have more clients to attend to. You’re smiling, and apologizing, when someone yells at you over food that you didn’t cook or drop off to their table. You go home, scrub off the dried food still stuck on you from a few hours ago, and the cycle repeats. 

I’m sure the 9-5 rat race is no easier, but there is a special level of empathy someone gains after working in a restaurant. If you ever want a crash course in humility, become a server. After all, I’ve had clients throw a fit for not calling them ma’am, mrs. whatever, or dr. who cares, because they feel so honored on their first visit to be recognized above others. Typically those individuals who expect to be treated like royalty barely ever tip like royalty… Humility.

Humility is that balance between knowing you are amazing, and knowing what to do with your amazingness. It says, you deserve better, but please remember to teach others this very lesson. As you are the influencer in your world, you have the responsibility to influence wisely through your power.

Yes!! You have POWER! Awaken, my love!

Know your power. Understand how to use it in as many ways as you can. Allow humility to be the guide of your embracing journey. Then you will see that you have no weaknesses; just a new way to see the paths ahead. 

Your Imagination

A child’s imagination is their only reality for a very long time. 

When my older sister was a child, she had an imaginary friend for a couple of years. I like to think their relationship became a little strained after my mom became pregnant. My sister’s friend was adamant about not having another human in the house. In fact, my sister once pushed my pregnant mom down the stairs, and apologized immediately after, stating that her friend didn’t think it was a good idea to have a little brother in the family.

Looking at this from the outside, it could signify my sister’s underlying fear of having another child in the house, knowing that the attention will be redirected from her to my brother. It could also mean that my sister’s imaginary friend was really a ghost on a vendetta against my mom. I’m not a professional, but I am a true believer in childhood magic. One’s reality is endless; yet their perception is the most imperative mindset to acknowledge. 

In these critical stages of a child’s life, their imagination is their reality. Imagine coming into a world and forming ideas about everything through your own curiosity and observation. Most of that dies when we get older and live by the way that people tell us things are. Before then, there exists childhood magic.

As an adult, most magic has been locked away. We get told what to do, so that we can hopefully one day tell other people the same thing, continuing a cycle that someone else initially started. As fun as the real adult world is *yawn*, I find there is something genuinely empowering about being your own rebel to yourself now. 

Most if not all of us have a lot of deep rooted issues that carry into our life now, whether that may be how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and the decisions we make everyday. As much as we like to think our hands are tied with our destiny, we fail to realize that there are many things we do have control of. 

Now why am I bringing up your past? “Aren’t we looking towards the future?”

Your future is directly affected by the decisions you make in your present. But your present could be better, if you were to stop ignoring the past. 

Your job is not only to resolve your childhood trauma, but to also get in touch with the child that had no cares in the world about how other people told them the world should be. Your role is not to recreate a reality that doesn’t suit you now. Instead, it is to tap into the state of mind that wants to be the student and teacher of your own reality. Ask yourself a million questions, and always end in “WHY?!” Create a million worlds in your mind, relate it to the state you are in now, and allow yourself to process different situations using the many worlds that you control or are not in control of. 

There’s something bold about childhood magic. No adult wants to take that away from adorable kiddo you. Yet as an adult, it is your job to be the protector of it. 

“Why would I want to do that?”

You forgot how much control you have in your life. You forgot how to think outside the box because the world told you there are only a few ways to get to where you need to be. While you are not in control of EVERYTHING, you definitely have more power; you just gave it away because someone told you it would guarantee a better path for you. How’s that working out?

This is your time to shine. Bring back the imagination of a million worlds with the maturity and security you have developed with age. Now is not the time to be a big kid, but to bring out the old, resolve the unrequited, and make anew to be the true you.

How To Clear Your Mind

Your mind is a little fickle. 

We see all these cool things that human beings are capable of thinking and doing; yet when we look at ourselves, we think little to nothing about our superpowers. We all want superpowers that will help us to live a more convenient life. But “no, these things aren’t real!” What if I told you mind control is real? 

Let me take that a step further. What if I told you in order to control minds, you first have to learn to control your own? 

Okay, you got me. I’m not actually going to teach you to control minds in this article, but I’ll show you how to gain more control over your own mind.

Your mind is a median between this world and many others. The thoughts you have are a reflection of the worlds you live in, your response to it, and outside influences based on the decisions you make. Sounds like a lot! That’s because it is! Your mind is far more significant than you think it is! Recreating your reality by controlling your mind is a very real thing! It requires a conscious decision to learn, relearn, and recreate that which you need for yourself.

It’s time to clear your mind.

Your mind picks up garbage every day…in every moment as you feed it with your own emotions and your surroundings. It’s time you learn to clean house.


There are so many definitions of surrendering. When you surrender to clear your mind, you are taking charge of your mind by letting go of what does not serve you in a positive way. 

Let’s focus on one method. Get comfortable in whatever way that means. Now close your eyes and get into your mind. If you hear a million voices speaking at once, start by listening to one. What does it have to say? Does it make you feel bad, annoyed, or anxious? Why? Move onto another. You may have a million voices saying the same thing in so many ways. Ask yourself what the main problem is of these many voices.

Concentrate on your thoughts and your inner emotions to find the source (or thought) of demise within. Listen to it. Acknowledge what you feel inside. Now, surrender it. Allow this voice to fade into nothingness. It is no longer a part of you because it doesn’t serve you. You have just learned the art of releasing!

Continue this process until you feel an obvious difference in your mind: Clarity.


Rendering is the art of creating something out of nothing along your path. A friend of mine once explained rendering like playing minecraft. You don’t know what lies in another place until you are physically there. Until then, the beyond is a big blur waiting for you to explore. In a perfect world, this is exactly how we should perceive the present- without any concern or fear towards the past or future. It’s all about NOW. 

Imagine your mind as the big blur, yet the only way of reaching that which is rendered is by creating it yourself. 

Get comfy once more, and close your eyes. Imagine you are in a realm of blank. What do you want to fill your mind with? Now is not the time to let the previous voices to appear. They are gone, and what you desire is waiting for you to paint your canvas. Fill your thoughts with positive scenarios, ideas, and voices that root for you every time you have an internal monologue. Fill it with as little or as much as you’d like. The point of this exercise is to show you how much power you have over your thoughts.

Make this a habit.

Surender and render whenever the mental garbage bin gets too high. You have every inch of power to control what you think about. Your mental capacity is a direct reflection of your reality. You will start to notice different things in your environment by practicing this. You will see greater things attracting you. You will also encounter bigger challenges, because you are ready for more! 

Acquiring better begins with knowing that you deserve better. That’s one fleeting thought in a crowd of conflict. The next step is to be the better change you want. You will then attract better. A new cycle begins with you!

Do Good People with Bad Karma Exist?

What’s the point of being known for all of the greatness you do for everyone, if you are a self-depreciating individual? 

Karma is a real energetic force that lives in our being like all other realms. When you think about bad karma, you typically point out the people who have done wrong…like the unforgivable kind.

Would you consider yourself to be a good person, even if you are not good to yourself? 

That’s unforgivable, right?

Think about it this way. You’re a nice person. You will give your last dollar to someone. In fact you’ll give whatever it takes to please other people… And your life is a mess because of that. YOU forgot just how important you were while you gave yourself away to everything else. We all know that one person who truly didn’t deserve the cards that were handed to them. In my life, that seems to be a lot of people. One thing I have learned is that people that think of everyone else never get as far as they should. Why is that? Why do horrible situations happen to good people?

Some good people in this world do not know how to be good to themselves. Most of the time, the past has been so horrible to them, that they want to make it right, by fixing other people, instead of the self. Altruism is a pure and beautiful thing in this world. In fact, we would live in euphoria if we all thought about other people, as well as how to respond to situations based on the comprehension of others. Yet, we live in a world with a lot of…varying differences.  

Good people of this universe, stop being sucked dry by the world around you. You deserve great things, but how will you ever achieve these great things if you don’t save any worthy energy for yourself?

How many wealthy people do you know that give everything they have to others? Well… they wouldn’t be wealthy if that were the case. Giving is wonderful. But consider paying yourself first.

Give yourself a day off when you’re drained. Ask for help. Save for a few rainy days. Give yourself a hug; and tell yourself that this world is made to help you! Surround yourself with beings who want to help you grow, not take from you all of the time. Vampires in human bodies are a very real thing! (Check out my article on modern day vampirism.)

When was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and said “I love you”?

As awesome as you are, you only have the capability of seeing all of that awesome sauce you behold if you truly want to see it for yourself! There’s no better time to start, then now!

I spend a lot of time loving and appreciating who I am, so I can love everyone else in a more wholesome way. Sometimes I write poems about myself, just to remind myself of how powerful and beautiful I am! I stare into my eyes each day and admire the person I become in every moment of my life. When I’m feeling bad, and need to isolate myself, I’ll sit on the ground outside, and point out the wonderful things that I have, as to outweigh my heavy feelings. Then I find with a more positive mindset, I can see most situations more clearly. Other times I may need the perspective of another open minded companion. 

We’re all working to see a better outcome. In fact, we are the better outcome! Look at what you have done for those around you! The universe has not forgotten you! 

What if you forgot about yourself? You might just miss out on the great things that are already passing you because you forgot that the roses couldn’t be admired if you weren’t there. It’s time to redirect your focus on you. Pay yourself first. Feel gratitude, love, forgiveness. Sometimes you need to forgive who you once were to let go of what made you feel undeserving.  

Indulge in the sensation of actual peace! It already exists in you. You didn’t need any other tools but your own mind. When you can achieve that feeling within, you will understand what karmic forces are ready for you now.

New-Age Adulting

I didn’t realize you’re never too old to be a name-caller. 

This world wants you to grow up and learn the rules of adulthood; but no one tells you about how big of babies some people can be.

Do you remember the 2016 elections? Our presidential candidates were no longer politicians. They were celebrities in their own live tv show, and we were the viewers. I can’t believe we had to choose amongst them to be the nation’s leaders. You would think our leaders would want to show us a less dramatic route to being elected. But no. We’re all babies, raising other babies to be baby-like adults.

This era is so important because we don’t have time for nay-sayers!

No more unnecessary fires and fights among one another! Can you not see that we are being guided by nay-sayers who want us to point fingers at each other?

I want to live a fabulous life with all of us growing together!

That means, I want jobs with an actual purpose. I want us to stop victimizing ourselves so we can see how much stronger we are once we let go. I want individual identities to be praised like tattoos, sexuality, sensuality, spirituality, and philosophy! I want us to raise questions without an uninformed mouth shooting you down. I want our thoughts to be blissful. I wish for you to live a day without fearing the presence of something bad happening to you or those around you. I want knowledge to be incorporated through different perspectives from the moment that we all enter school. How many times do I have to watch a child learn about Christopher Columbius, grow up, and realize what he actually means!

I want people to feel confident and comfortable enough to take a moment out in their day to read, enjoy the voices of the words, ponder with their flighty mind, and discover something new about our world!

I know our world has always been judgemental; that doesn’t mean we have to be. If you became a ruler of the world, would you rule just like your rulers, implementing the same biases on those who oppressed you? Will you continue a cycle that is overdue to end?

Or will you be more creative?

We don’t have to be name-callers. We deserve better than those who pretend to still be in charge. The truth is, you and I are in charge, we just haven’t come to terms with it as yet. 

Soon, you will see how much farther we can go once we drop the petty behavior amongst each other. 

Oh, and a little tip along the way: Love yourself. True love starts with you, and never ends as long as you can share the wisdom of it all.

Be Blessed, Babe

Why is Meditation a Solution?

The problems of this world are very real. Yet, the solutions provided for us can be a little questionable at times. 

We are sceptical! We are concerned about the things we don’t understand because we haven’t tried them, or we don’t know anyone who has. Maybe it seems odd that the solution takes too long or costs too much. Maybe this solution just sounds so out of reach that it seems unreal. 

What’s unreal is how we put our goals in a hard-to-reach place, and jump tirelessly to acquire it.

That’s insane. 

We’ve got 99 problems, and so much to complain about that we often don’t allow ourselves to see the big picture of solutions! Yes, I am saying that you are in the way of some of your blessings. Maybe not all, but the most vital ones are definitely a reflection of your idea of lack. It’s not your fault though. No one taught you to be the solution to your problems. The world wanted you to see the solutions they have for you: a one size fits all remedy… if I may say. Despite the fact that some solutions do work, I regret to say that most of the time you are being ripped off. 

Every problem you have can be understood if you were to flip the situation upside down, and tilt it a little sideways. See your issues from a different perspective. Ponder on it from different angles. Get to the deepest source of this conflict, and you will see that all of your problems lie in a very specific idea. 

It’s time that you meditate. 

I know, I know, meditation seems boring and impossible for those with race cars for brains. When was the last time you were in charge of your thoughts, your feelings, and your life’s situations? Meditating is not just a way to sing kumbaya with the trees (though that is also very relieving). Meditating is about taking control of your mental space, and taking control of your life. 

Your mind feels okay when it knows you’re in control. 

Do you remember all those times you were overly exhausted for days, bombarded by everyone else’s stress, unable to find a way to break bread for your lifestyle needs? Your mind was heavy, and weighed on you. In that moment, your brain is trying to tell you that it’s time to take care of what’s going on inside (your mind), because it really needs attention. 

Why meditate?

Meditation is a way to clear your mind… constantly. We get bombarded every single day with just about everything: the news, the kids, the work, your money, someone else’s money, a piece of the past that doesn’t pertain to you at all, even scenarios about the future to “prepare” you for the worst. All of these thoughts bog you down, creating inner turmoil that you don’t deserve. Meditation takes that weight off of you, and reminds you of how awesome you are!

I used to think just like most of you. Meditation seemed really impossible because I didn’t like the idea of sitting down with my endless thoughts. But I learned that I have bigger things to focus on. I wanted more for myself, and I couldn’t blame anyone else, or my past any longer because my actions from this point forward will define my way of living. So I learned and trained, and to this day I am still working on ways to teach myself to meditate. The more I am able to control my thoughts and feelings, the more control I have in this world.

Life will always be life.

It, however, is much less stressful once you can allow yourself to see just how much control you have within yourself, first. Meditation starts with silence, then a fleeting thought arrives, demanding attention. The trick is to understand why it is here, and say yes or no to it. If this thought wants to bring you down, it’s time to understand the inner meaning for this thought. Then, let go of it. If it doesn’t serve the powerful being you are, say no! If you indulge in a thought that will help build your confidence, or give good ideas, say yes! It will stick around, help you out, and guide you to another fleeting thought… and then another while the process continues. The trick is to know how to command your thoughts. Your mind wants to know what you want. If you can command your thoughts, you discover what you want, why, and how to obtain it. 

Meditation is control. 

It is a skill that everyone can gain. However not everyone wants to go through the work to be better. I’m here to always tell you that you deserve better. You always will. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that what you deserve will come easy. Like I said, this world wants to give you their version of the solution. I want to give you your special solution: YOU.

Learn to meditate. Sit down for five minutes and clear your head. Wake up in the morning with a positive thought for today. Stand and walk in nature until you feel light and free. Dance when the feeling comes to you. Discover who you want to be around… and avoid. Pick other people’s brains, and have stimulating conversations! Believe in yourself! 

Meditation is not hard work; it is consistent work. Remember that your brain is a muscle too. The more work you do with it, the stronger it becomes. 

It’s time for you to take the leading role of your life, and give yourself the power you already possess.  

Are you interested in learning about meditation? Nonna is here to help.