Humble Human

Learning curves are the waves of your life. 

We are surrounded by mounds of knowledge from which to learn, relearn, contradict with ourselves and others, and once more reorganize our reasoning for life. 

There is nothing wrong with that. YOU are here to evolve more than once in a single lifetime!

It’s okay sometimes to say that you don’t have all of the answers. The universe is here to teach you that you will always fathom more than the socially conceivable. Yes. You deserve more. Yet, the lovely universe also wants you to know that it’s not all about you

We’re in this together.

Be nice! Be respectful! And don’t put too many expectations on others; sometimes even we disappoint ourselves. 

Please remember humility.

Do you remember that time when Universe put you on your butt, just to show you that you’re being a little too extra? That could have been the moment you hit rock bottom. Or maybe the lesson was a little more subtle, like a tiny epiphany during a conversation with a stranger. Life doesn’t want to teach you humility every now and again. It wants you to remember so that you don’t have to fall so many times! 

Humility is the way one understands how important we are to each other. It’s a way to take life a little less seriously because we can’t control everything. It’s a way to enjoy the smaller things while we’re in route to acquiring the bigger things. Humility is that fresh of breath air for someone else… not just you; because sometimes we all need a break from the typical human experience.

The most humbling experience I’ve had was being a restaurant server. It’s not like donating, or giving your time to help out the unfortunate. It’s like struggling to grab your own life on the inside, while you’re smiling on the outside. 

You’re smiling when your table asks you for an item EVERY time you come back to them. You’re smiling when someone cracks an offensive joke. You’re smiling when some perv grabs your waist. You’re smiling after someone tips you 3% off a bill, because you have more clients to attend to. You’re smiling, and apologizing, when someone yells at you over food that you didn’t cook or drop off to their table. You go home, scrub off the dried food still stuck on you from a few hours ago, and the cycle repeats. 

I’m sure the 9-5 rat race is no easier, but there is a special level of empathy someone gains after working in a restaurant. If you ever want a crash course in humility, become a server. After all, I’ve had clients throw a fit for not calling them ma’am, mrs. whatever, or dr. who cares, because they feel so honored on their first visit to be recognized above others. Typically those individuals who expect to be treated like royalty barely ever tip like royalty… Humility.

Humility is that balance between knowing you are amazing, and knowing what to do with your amazingness. It says, you deserve better, but please remember to teach others this very lesson. As you are the influencer in your world, you have the responsibility to influence wisely through your power.

Yes!! You have POWER! Awaken, my love!

Know your power. Understand how to use it in as many ways as you can. Allow humility to be the guide of your embracing journey. Then you will see that you have no weaknesses; just a new way to see the paths ahead. 

Your Imagination

A child’s imagination is their only reality for a very long time. 

When my older sister was a child, she had an imaginary friend for a couple of years. I like to think their relationship became a little strained after my mom became pregnant. My sister’s friend was adamant about not having another human in the house. In fact, my sister once pushed my pregnant mom down the stairs, and apologized immediately after, stating that her friend didn’t think it was a good idea to have a little brother in the family.

Looking at this from the outside, it could signify my sister’s underlying fear of having another child in the house, knowing that the attention will be redirected from her to my brother. It could also mean that my sister’s imaginary friend was really a ghost on a vendetta against my mom. I’m not a professional, but I am a true believer in childhood magic. One’s reality is endless; yet their perception is the most imperative mindset to acknowledge. 

In these critical stages of a child’s life, their imagination is their reality. Imagine coming into a world and forming ideas about everything through your own curiosity and observation. Most of that dies when we get older and live by the way that people tell us things are. Before then, there exists childhood magic.

As an adult, most magic has been locked away. We get told what to do, so that we can hopefully one day tell other people the same thing, continuing a cycle that someone else initially started. As fun as the real adult world is *yawn*, I find there is something genuinely empowering about being your own rebel to yourself now. 

Most if not all of us have a lot of deep rooted issues that carry into our life now, whether that may be how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and the decisions we make everyday. As much as we like to think our hands are tied with our destiny, we fail to realize that there are many things we do have control of. 

Now why am I bringing up your past? “Aren’t we looking towards the future?”

Your future is directly affected by the decisions you make in your present. But your present could be better, if you were to stop ignoring the past. 

Your job is not only to resolve your childhood trauma, but to also get in touch with the child that had no cares in the world about how other people told them the world should be. Your role is not to recreate a reality that doesn’t suit you now. Instead, it is to tap into the state of mind that wants to be the student and teacher of your own reality. Ask yourself a million questions, and always end in “WHY?!” Create a million worlds in your mind, relate it to the state you are in now, and allow yourself to process different situations using the many worlds that you control or are not in control of. 

There’s something bold about childhood magic. No adult wants to take that away from adorable kiddo you. Yet as an adult, it is your job to be the protector of it. 

“Why would I want to do that?”

You forgot how much control you have in your life. You forgot how to think outside the box because the world told you there are only a few ways to get to where you need to be. While you are not in control of EVERYTHING, you definitely have more power; you just gave it away because someone told you it would guarantee a better path for you. How’s that working out?

This is your time to shine. Bring back the imagination of a million worlds with the maturity and security you have developed with age. Now is not the time to be a big kid, but to bring out the old, resolve the unrequited, and make anew to be the true you.

How To Clear Your Mind

Your mind is a little fickle. 

We see all these cool things that human beings are capable of thinking and doing; yet when we look at ourselves, we think little to nothing about our superpowers. We all want superpowers that will help us to live a more convenient life. But “no, these things aren’t real!” What if I told you mind control is real? 

Let me take that a step further. What if I told you in order to control minds, you first have to learn to control your own? 

Okay, you got me. I’m not actually going to teach you to control minds in this article, but I’ll show you how to gain more control over your own mind.

Your mind is a median between this world and many others. The thoughts you have are a reflection of the worlds you live in, your response to it, and outside influences based on the decisions you make. Sounds like a lot! That’s because it is! Your mind is far more significant than you think it is! Recreating your reality by controlling your mind is a very real thing! It requires a conscious decision to learn, relearn, and recreate that which you need for yourself.

It’s time to clear your mind.

Your mind picks up garbage every day…in every moment as you feed it with your own emotions and your surroundings. It’s time you learn to clean house.


There are so many definitions of surrendering. When you surrender to clear your mind, you are taking charge of your mind by letting go of what does not serve you in a positive way. 

Let’s focus on one method. Get comfortable in whatever way that means. Now close your eyes and get into your mind. If you hear a million voices speaking at once, start by listening to one. What does it have to say? Does it make you feel bad, annoyed, or anxious? Why? Move onto another. You may have a million voices saying the same thing in so many ways. Ask yourself what the main problem is of these many voices.

Concentrate on your thoughts and your inner emotions to find the source (or thought) of demise within. Listen to it. Acknowledge what you feel inside. Now, surrender it. Allow this voice to fade into nothingness. It is no longer a part of you because it doesn’t serve you. You have just learned the art of releasing!

Continue this process until you feel an obvious difference in your mind: Clarity.


Rendering is the art of creating something out of nothing along your path. A friend of mine once explained rendering like playing minecraft. You don’t know what lies in another place until you are physically there. Until then, the beyond is a big blur waiting for you to explore. In a perfect world, this is exactly how we should perceive the present- without any concern or fear towards the past or future. It’s all about NOW. 

Imagine your mind as the big blur, yet the only way of reaching that which is rendered is by creating it yourself. 

Get comfy once more, and close your eyes. Imagine you are in a realm of blank. What do you want to fill your mind with? Now is not the time to let the previous voices to appear. They are gone, and what you desire is waiting for you to paint your canvas. Fill your thoughts with positive scenarios, ideas, and voices that root for you every time you have an internal monologue. Fill it with as little or as much as you’d like. The point of this exercise is to show you how much power you have over your thoughts.

Make this a habit.

Surender and render whenever the mental garbage bin gets too high. You have every inch of power to control what you think about. Your mental capacity is a direct reflection of your reality. You will start to notice different things in your environment by practicing this. You will see greater things attracting you. You will also encounter bigger challenges, because you are ready for more! 

Acquiring better begins with knowing that you deserve better. That’s one fleeting thought in a crowd of conflict. The next step is to be the better change you want. You will then attract better. A new cycle begins with you!

Do Good People with Bad Karma Exist?

What’s the point of being known for all of the greatness you do for everyone, if you are a self-depreciating individual? 

Karma is a real energetic force that lives in our being like all other realms. When you think about bad karma, you typically point out the people who have done wrong…like the unforgivable kind.

Would you consider yourself to be a good person, even if you are not good to yourself? 

That’s unforgivable, right?

Think about it this way. You’re a nice person. You will give your last dollar to someone. In fact you’ll give whatever it takes to please other people… And your life is a mess because of that. YOU forgot just how important you were while you gave yourself away to everything else. We all know that one person who truly didn’t deserve the cards that were handed to them. In my life, that seems to be a lot of people. One thing I have learned is that people that think of everyone else never get as far as they should. Why is that? Why do horrible situations happen to good people?

Some good people in this world do not know how to be good to themselves. Most of the time, the past has been so horrible to them, that they want to make it right, by fixing other people, instead of the self. Altruism is a pure and beautiful thing in this world. In fact, we would live in euphoria if we all thought about other people, as well as how to respond to situations based on the comprehension of others. Yet, we live in a world with a lot of…varying differences.  

Good people of this universe, stop being sucked dry by the world around you. You deserve great things, but how will you ever achieve these great things if you don’t save any worthy energy for yourself?

How many wealthy people do you know that give everything they have to others? Well… they wouldn’t be wealthy if that were the case. Giving is wonderful. But consider paying yourself first.

Give yourself a day off when you’re drained. Ask for help. Save for a few rainy days. Give yourself a hug; and tell yourself that this world is made to help you! Surround yourself with beings who want to help you grow, not take from you all of the time. Vampires in human bodies are a very real thing! (Check out my article on modern day vampirism.)

When was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and said “I love you”?

As awesome as you are, you only have the capability of seeing all of that awesome sauce you behold if you truly want to see it for yourself! There’s no better time to start, then now!

I spend a lot of time loving and appreciating who I am, so I can love everyone else in a more wholesome way. Sometimes I write poems about myself, just to remind myself of how powerful and beautiful I am! I stare into my eyes each day and admire the person I become in every moment of my life. When I’m feeling bad, and need to isolate myself, I’ll sit on the ground outside, and point out the wonderful things that I have, as to outweigh my heavy feelings. Then I find with a more positive mindset, I can see most situations more clearly. Other times I may need the perspective of another open minded companion. 

We’re all working to see a better outcome. In fact, we are the better outcome! Look at what you have done for those around you! The universe has not forgotten you! 

What if you forgot about yourself? You might just miss out on the great things that are already passing you because you forgot that the roses couldn’t be admired if you weren’t there. It’s time to redirect your focus on you. Pay yourself first. Feel gratitude, love, forgiveness. Sometimes you need to forgive who you once were to let go of what made you feel undeserving.  

Indulge in the sensation of actual peace! It already exists in you. You didn’t need any other tools but your own mind. When you can achieve that feeling within, you will understand what karmic forces are ready for you now.

New-Age Adulting

I didn’t realize you’re never too old to be a name-caller. 

This world wants you to grow up and learn the rules of adulthood; but no one tells you about how big of babies some people can be.

Do you remember the 2016 elections? Our presidential candidates were no longer politicians. They were celebrities in their own live tv show, and we were the viewers. I can’t believe we had to choose amongst them to be the nation’s leaders. You would think our leaders would want to show us a less dramatic route to being elected. But no. We’re all babies, raising other babies to be baby-like adults.

This era is so important because we don’t have time for nay-sayers!

No more unnecessary fires and fights among one another! Can you not see that we are being guided by nay-sayers who want us to point fingers at each other?

I want to live a fabulous life with all of us growing together!

That means, I want jobs with an actual purpose. I want us to stop victimizing ourselves so we can see how much stronger we are once we let go. I want individual identities to be praised like tattoos, sexuality, sensuality, spirituality, and philosophy! I want us to raise questions without an uninformed mouth shooting you down. I want our thoughts to be blissful. I wish for you to live a day without fearing the presence of something bad happening to you or those around you. I want knowledge to be incorporated through different perspectives from the moment that we all enter school. How many times do I have to watch a child learn about Christopher Columbius, grow up, and realize what he actually means!

I want people to feel confident and comfortable enough to take a moment out in their day to read, enjoy the voices of the words, ponder with their flighty mind, and discover something new about our world!

I know our world has always been judgemental; that doesn’t mean we have to be. If you became a ruler of the world, would you rule just like your rulers, implementing the same biases on those who oppressed you? Will you continue a cycle that is overdue to end?

Or will you be more creative?

We don’t have to be name-callers. We deserve better than those who pretend to still be in charge. The truth is, you and I are in charge, we just haven’t come to terms with it as yet. 

Soon, you will see how much farther we can go once we drop the petty behavior amongst each other. 

Oh, and a little tip along the way: Love yourself. True love starts with you, and never ends as long as you can share the wisdom of it all.

Be Blessed, Babe

Why is Meditation a Solution?

The problems of this world are very real. Yet, the solutions provided for us can be a little questionable at times. 

We are sceptical! We are concerned about the things we don’t understand because we haven’t tried them, or we don’t know anyone who has. Maybe it seems odd that the solution takes too long or costs too much. Maybe this solution just sounds so out of reach that it seems unreal. 

What’s unreal is how we put our goals in a hard-to-reach place, and jump tirelessly to acquire it.

That’s insane. 

We’ve got 99 problems, and so much to complain about that we often don’t allow ourselves to see the big picture of solutions! Yes, I am saying that you are in the way of some of your blessings. Maybe not all, but the most vital ones are definitely a reflection of your idea of lack. It’s not your fault though. No one taught you to be the solution to your problems. The world wanted you to see the solutions they have for you: a one size fits all remedy… if I may say. Despite the fact that some solutions do work, I regret to say that most of the time you are being ripped off. 

Every problem you have can be understood if you were to flip the situation upside down, and tilt it a little sideways. See your issues from a different perspective. Ponder on it from different angles. Get to the deepest source of this conflict, and you will see that all of your problems lie in a very specific idea. 

It’s time that you meditate. 

I know, I know, meditation seems boring and impossible for those with race cars for brains. When was the last time you were in charge of your thoughts, your feelings, and your life’s situations? Meditating is not just a way to sing kumbaya with the trees (though that is also very relieving). Meditating is about taking control of your mental space, and taking control of your life. 

Your mind feels okay when it knows you’re in control. 

Do you remember all those times you were overly exhausted for days, bombarded by everyone else’s stress, unable to find a way to break bread for your lifestyle needs? Your mind was heavy, and weighed on you. In that moment, your brain is trying to tell you that it’s time to take care of what’s going on inside (your mind), because it really needs attention. 

Why meditate?

Meditation is a way to clear your mind… constantly. We get bombarded every single day with just about everything: the news, the kids, the work, your money, someone else’s money, a piece of the past that doesn’t pertain to you at all, even scenarios about the future to “prepare” you for the worst. All of these thoughts bog you down, creating inner turmoil that you don’t deserve. Meditation takes that weight off of you, and reminds you of how awesome you are!

I used to think just like most of you. Meditation seemed really impossible because I didn’t like the idea of sitting down with my endless thoughts. But I learned that I have bigger things to focus on. I wanted more for myself, and I couldn’t blame anyone else, or my past any longer because my actions from this point forward will define my way of living. So I learned and trained, and to this day I am still working on ways to teach myself to meditate. The more I am able to control my thoughts and feelings, the more control I have in this world.

Life will always be life.

It, however, is much less stressful once you can allow yourself to see just how much control you have within yourself, first. Meditation starts with silence, then a fleeting thought arrives, demanding attention. The trick is to understand why it is here, and say yes or no to it. If this thought wants to bring you down, it’s time to understand the inner meaning for this thought. Then, let go of it. If it doesn’t serve the powerful being you are, say no! If you indulge in a thought that will help build your confidence, or give good ideas, say yes! It will stick around, help you out, and guide you to another fleeting thought… and then another while the process continues. The trick is to know how to command your thoughts. Your mind wants to know what you want. If you can command your thoughts, you discover what you want, why, and how to obtain it. 

Meditation is control. 

It is a skill that everyone can gain. However not everyone wants to go through the work to be better. I’m here to always tell you that you deserve better. You always will. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that what you deserve will come easy. Like I said, this world wants to give you their version of the solution. I want to give you your special solution: YOU.

Learn to meditate. Sit down for five minutes and clear your head. Wake up in the morning with a positive thought for today. Stand and walk in nature until you feel light and free. Dance when the feeling comes to you. Discover who you want to be around… and avoid. Pick other people’s brains, and have stimulating conversations! Believe in yourself! 

Meditation is not hard work; it is consistent work. Remember that your brain is a muscle too. The more work you do with it, the stronger it becomes. 

It’s time for you to take the leading role of your life, and give yourself the power you already possess.  

Are you interested in learning about meditation? Nonna is here to help.

Are You Worth it?

I hope you aren’t tired of reading this but, You Deserve More!

You are worth more than this world will tell you. Some, like myself, had to figure this out a little late in the game of life. But we’re making it; not just for ourselves, but also for those who came before us, and those who are arriving after. My hope is to teach everyone; because, despite its world’s ugliness, I know we were meant to see its greatness first.

I am a millennial, and I love my generation! We are innovative, rebellious, loving, and experienced! We experienced lack, loss, and a wide range of supposed mental disorders. Those of my generation who haven’t found their way as yet, use these problems as a crutch for their lifestyle. The millennials, however, who are becoming the reason for our name are dropping everything we were once taught to recreate enlightenment, so the rest of the world can wipe their eyes open. 

Society…I’m onto you.

Our society feeds on our pain, suffering, and empathy for the worst. Why are people more susceptible to fall into depression than in love? Why are our tv shows always promoting drama, horror, and vulnerability without many solutions?

Do you remember the year that The U.S killed Bin Laden, and everyone danced over the dead? 

Some victories are worth celebrating. Yet, some things that we consume, even the junk filling our grocery aisles are not good for us. How do you explain why these are in ours faces so frequently?

How do sex traffickers like Randall Volar and many more get away with ripping the souls out of vulnerable young people? How are their sentences similar to a slap on the wrist? How do we sleep, knowing our children…our people are losing themselves because we couldn’t fight for their worth?

The problem is, our society likes to feed on the vulnerable, weak, and the victimized. Society wants to see how we react… and don’t react. Will we become desensitized? Or will we strike out like a defenseless animal? 

Our reactions to the vile of this world are dire to what happens next. The negative responses we emphasize are thus the source of power in this society. We will all encounter bad times. But how we respond will dictate how the world will continue to respond to us.

I’ve got a solution: It’s time we start acknowledging WORTH. 

Pay attention to how much you, your companions, and your neighbors are worth. I’m not talking about monetary value. Doing so will only allow you to see yourself in an objectified form, creating another dilemma, and decreasing your worth. I’m talking about the value you give your thoughts, opinions, and individuality. I’m talking about what you have to offer in this world, and what you deserve in this lifetime…no other.

It’s time to take a step back and realize if you are worth the battles you fight regularly. I can guarantee that once you see more than what others see in you, you will notice just how petty some battles are, and you will open your eyes to the battles that you never thought you’d encounter.

Whether or not you are realizing this, one of our biggest battles in this life is for human value. We talk a lot about BLM, LGBTQ, feminism, and the list goes on. I’m all for our many movements! However, everyone wants to divide themselves up to raise awareness of how unfairly they are being treated and why. We are all being treated unfairly. The biggest culprit is the SELF. 

You are not treating yourself well. And you deserve the best! Are you fighting for the best life for yourself, and your loved ones? 

Or is that battle too high for you to reach?

I met a man the other day, who told me the only one way to find love is through Jesus. I’ve come to realize that a lot of people were raised to not find love in themselves. That one sentence this man told me was living proof that society would rather feed on our guilt and fear for stepping out of line, then tell us how special we are. 

I don’t believe religion is a bad thing. I think ignorance is. It’s ignorant to believe that you can’t find divine love ANYWHERE on this planet. With 7 billion people? Hmm. I’d like a fact check on that.

My point is, it’s never too late to learn about your value. Finding this sense of peace will help you with half the battle; because you will truly know what we’re up against. 

You are worth every moment that you live. It’s time to take your value down from a high pedestal and walk beside it, hand in hand. Make your worthiness the battle of a lifetime. 

Heaven and Hell

There is heaven and hell in all of us. 

Aside from the popular belief that polar opposites are mortal enemies, we often forget that we are the fine line between everything. When people are out of balance we swing on opposite spectrums at the same time… as a whole. We are a massive contradiction! When in balance, however, we acknowledge that we are something more than the English language can define in one word. I’m sure there is a word for that. Maybe it’s been lost in translation, just like everything else that reminds us of how much power humans have. 

So… Why do we all know about heaven and hell?

These very specific other-worldly realms have been instilled in us since the day that our guardians deemed us worthy of being a part of the societal construct. If you do this, you go here. If you do that, you go there. Up. Down. Never any other way. Who says it’s in the vicinity of north and south?

What if I told you heaven and hell are with us, always?

Why are you so concerned about a world you don’t technically exist in, yet you have little curiosity for the one you’re stuck in now? This does not make sense, my dude. 

The fact is, you’re really concerned about your afterlife, because you’re already living it. That guilt you feel from doing wrong consumes your conscious state. You breathe, eat (or don’t eat), and dream guilt. That also goes for your sorrow, depression, unhappiness, self depreciation. The list goes on. You’re familiar with hell. After holding onto such lagging emotions, your world gets turned upside down. Everything around you somehow bothers you, and for some reason it all connects to you. Hell.

On the bright side, you have a choice to experience heaven too! The joys you feel from your latest promotion, a new house, or just a brand new day that somehow wants to smile on you, even for a moment! You hold onto these positive things such as bliss, abundance, power, self-confidence, even love for as long as you can; and life for a moment isn’t as bad as you’d thought. If you’re anything like the average human, even in the midst of happiness you’re wondering “alright…in what direction should I prepare for some garbage to happen?”

That’s unfortunate. Even when in heaven, you can’t imagine how it would be possible to exist in such a place. Where are you really living?

The point is, whether it’s heaven, hell, or another dimension, you’re already a part of that which your mind perceives. 

Just because you put it on a pedestal far for your mind to comprehend what is right in front of you, doesn’t mean it isn’t really there. Take this moment out to think about all of the great ideas. You have put on a pedestal too far for your hands to reach. 

Now take it off… Grasp it with your mind, and live the life you want. 

It may be hard work; but that’s only because you’re a bit of heaven and hell, already. Don’t be afraid to explore what is already so natural inside of you. 

Remember, Noni Night is always here to help YOU.

You’re Better Than You Think You Are!


Everything you have experienced up until this point has been a reason why. You are the reason why. Your past is the reason why. Your sorrow, joy, and fear are the reasons why. The loves you’ve had, and feel are the reasons why.

You haven’t taken enough time in your day to stop, and remind yourself of how far you have gotten in your life!

Did you know that I used to be unhappy? Like secretly, dreadfully, unhappy? I often write notes to myself to silently vent and calm my mind, for a better moment to come. I recently stumbled upon many letters I wrote to myself in the past, and could not fathom the things I have told myself. I couldn’t believe how much baggage I carried emotionally, how much turmoil I thought I deserved, even though I told myself I needed better. I didn’t believe it then.

Yet, I’ve come to realize just how much I had transformed in just a couple of years; because I am a clear believer now. I had to toss those letters, because they no longer define the elated being I am today. 

So… what happened?

This is going to sound silly: I followed my passion. I did it for myself, but I also realized I am doing it for you too. As I began working for you, I’ve come to realize that many others wanted to work for me, as well. People can feel when you are evolving, because we are meant to grow together. Sometimes that means people will grow away from you too. That is also okay!


You’re going through the works! This has been a season of shadow work (self-purging/recreation), creation, inspiration, chaos, letting go, working hard, rejuvenating, and building a genuine community! If you haven’t felt any of this, it’s time to jump on board. Now is always the perfect time!

If you feel like you’re still driving down a bumpy road, please understand that you are closer than you think! Internal work is always, and will always be a chore, like cleaning your house. Your house gets dirty when you toss things around, invite guests over, leave the home without proper tidying, dropping food on the ground saying you’ll clean it up later. Your mind is the same way. You’ll have to clean it regularly to make sure life’s pressures aren’t clouding your path. And on special occasions (maybe throughout the year), a full blown purge is a necessary task to reboot your life. That special download may be a new project or job, a different location, and new relationship, added family member, and the list goes on!

The fact is, you’re going through changes; and with new topics to cloud your mind, you can sometimes forget just what you’re gaining NOW.

Stop, and look up from your device. Look at the people around you! Did they change? Remain the same? Come back into your life? Are they learning and gaining more? Are they looking up to you, or away from you? Are they evolving with you? Are you entertaining and discovering more people? Are you attracted to a different clique? Their most profound qualities may be exactly what you are becoming!

Your community says a lot about you. So make sure you are not playing the lone wolf game! We need each other more than ever before. If you are going through changes like the rest of us, your community is changing too. We are all vulnerable, yet stronger than ever. This great news! This means you are right where you need to be. So give yourself a hug! The road is always long, seemingly endless, and super curvy just for kicks. You will get there when you get there.

Until then, celebrate who you are now, because you are baked just right! You don’t have the luxury to crumble right now, my cookie friend. 

Now is the time to celebrate who you are, and where you are going. Congrats, Love! Now onto the next step!

Do you need help seeing what that may be? I, Noni Night, am always here for you, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Contact me for any help!

Self-Loathing is Not Cute

I will forever be confused by those romance movies who portray an “amazing love” between a character who clings too hard on another who doesn’t know how to love. In reality, we would consider that to be a very unhealthy relationship. Apart from the level ten clinger who probably has some internal turmoil of the past to discover, I find the “heartless” character to be even more of a concern. 

Self-loathing is not cute…for anyone involved.

Let’s get back to this shielded character. Typically, this one protagonist has a hard time loving themselves and other people because they had a hard past; and now  they carry it over their shoulders, waiting to drop it off on the next poor sop that looks their way. Ouch. They were probably not expecting that.

Despite the fact that they were once a victim of life’s harsher tones, it’s important to understand that one should not remain a victim. Be your own hero, and hopefully even a mentor for those that surround you. 

Everyone has a past. 

We go through varying levels of complications because the universe knows just how strong our spirit is. If we couldn’t handle what happened to us in the past, we would have already been naturally selected. Yet, here you are! Living, breathing, and driving to a better you, whether or not you are fully aware of this! Congrats!!

“So what! Self-loathing is so common!”

Self-loathing is a choice that hurts everyone involved. You are so much stronger than the person you thought you once were. Everyone deserves to be loved, and to have love. Yet, what would your love really feel like, if you were aware of how to express it to yourself? 

Being conditioned in a society that tells us all to give ourselves to everything, we all have a good idea of what altruism means, especially in relationships when you can be the one giving more than receiving.

What about you? Are you giving to yourself?

Self-loathing is a condition that blinds you to the full potential of who you are, and what you can do with the being you are living as. You are standing in your own way of greatness! Of all the voices in your beautiful world, the only thing your mind can pay attention to is “NO”. 

That’s not okay. 

Self-loathing will never allow you to see what you can truly receive, as well as what you can offer. Believe it or not, when you know just what you are worth (which is greatness) you can give so much more than you can imagine! Self-loving attracts abundance like gravity. You become your own planet of everything great, because the answers will turn into “yes” more and more in time!

“So how can I self-love?”

1. Meditate! It’s time for you to start training your mind, to think of all of the positive things about yourself! Look at yourself in the mirror everyday, smile at yourself (even if you don’t mean it at first), and point something out that YOU LOVE!

2. Change your audience! You’re more than likely surrounded by like-minded low vibrating individuals. It’s time to start making new friends! You will notice a difference in the way your lifestyle style changes, and your view of yourself.

3. House cleaning! Take a deep look at your life. If you are tired of being around things that remind you of how much worth you do not have, TOSS IT! It no longer serves you. Don’t be a hoarder of bad energy! It will hurt you more than help you!

4. Forgiveness! As you get rid of the clutter, understand why you don’t need it! Forgive your past, your pains, and yourself. You can’t take it with you. Give yourself a hug every time you re-experience that inner pain. It’s okay now. It can’t hurt you like it did before. 

Now time to Self-Love!

Self-Love is sexy! You can always point out a confident, self-loving individual in a crowd. They ooze with love! Their voice rings, their appearance shines, and you will feel either very attracted to them… or very intimidated. It depends on the demeanor you may have towards them. Don’t think of how much you lack within yourself. You are seeing this individual because that quality exists in you too, even if it’s not dominant in you as yet!

The best romancers are those who know how to romance themselves. They are quite happy being by themselves, but they are more than appreciative of your company! When two are on the same wavelength of gushing charismatic self-loving esteem, the love they have to give to one another, is unlike any other. 

So let yourself love…the way you have never loved before!