The World Dreams With You!

You are a Dreamer… Don’t deny it!

You have all these big dreams to do something great for yourself and the world. That’s exactly why you’re reading this! Your dreams are significant. Do not allow the dying world to fool you into believing anything else. Make way for the new world that is on your side. You are meant to give yourself and your dreams power. 

Whether or not you are aware of this, there exist many other people who are wanting the same thing! 

The dreams we have at night are a bit of a conscious conundrum. On a physical level, they are considered to be an altered state of consciousness that allows you to hallucinate while you sleep. Dreams are not always present for everyone, but we all at some points in our lives dream. Dreams in the modern world are underestimated. We exist in multiple planes, yet we are more consciously aware of one that tells us it is the only form of reality. 

As a medium, I can say that reality is determined by perception. When I talk with other mediums about the presence of entities, we can all see the same thing, yet, our mind alters it so that we can personally understand what we’re seeing. 

Your dreams are another form of reality, like the spirit world, where you are meant to learn and connect to the other realities you are aware of. All of these realms appear so abstract, yet the mind knows what the mind sees. If you see your life falling apart, you will only be aware of the events and people that cause it to fall apart, for example.

So, what does this have to do with your goal-oriented dreams?

Your goal-oriented dreams are perceived to be another abstract form of your reality, barely touched by the physical realm. The most significant thing about your dreams is that you created this reality. Why should that be any less real?

Your dreams are connected to those of many other dreamers in the world. Your subconscious is now asking you to allow yourself to be vulnerable, and express yourself. Do you have dreams you want to fulfill? You are just like most of us! It’s time for you to come out of the closet, and give birth to your ideas! You will be surprised by how many people are willing to work with you to make the collective dream a part of this physical reality.

A closed mouth does not get fed…so open wide!

When I first started Nonna, I knew I had stumbled upon the perfect time to begin my project. I spent many months working, reading, writing, and meditating in isolation. I not only had to build my business, but also myself. Now that I am steadily moving out of my cocoon as the butterfly I’ve known myself to be, I found many other people who want to work with me, and collaborate our visions to bring our brand new life into fruition. This is just the beginning, as it always will be. This journey has taught me to be myself, and to trust in what I have to offer to you.

Trust yourself. The world is in chaos because you wanted something better. Here you go! What deep rooted inspirational voices do you hear? Can you hear it getting louder and louder? Your head hurts and your blood heavily throbs towards the life you no longer want. You’re getting red in the face, and your insides want to explode in your truth!

Let it.

When you burst open, you will find that you have created a wave of change. You will see that beyond this wave, many others are erupting their dreams to life. It’s time to walk over and make your dreams work…together. 

Your path waits for you. Stop waiting. Start Being. 

Set Your Boundaries!

Setting boundaries can be a little uncomfortable when you’re not used to making them. However, you have been groomed with boundaries all around you! “You can’t get a certain job unless you do this. Don’t put your feet or elbows on the table, it’s rude! You can’t just point out people’s flaws, it makes them feel bad”. It goes on and on…

If you are used to living by the boundaries of the world, why aren’t your boundaries important?

Trick question! Your boundaries are always important! If you have a mind of your own, then you surely have a voice to express it! As you grow up, you take note of what you should and should not have to endure, if not by the influence of those around you, it might as well be from your personal experiences. Making mistakes in your past is not a big deal! We live, breath, and do science based on trial and error. If you find yourself in the same predicament time after time, you’re probably not coming to terms with the internal struggle at hand. That unfortunately leads to the incapability to create boundaries for your next go-around. 

Why are your boundaries important?

People make their own boundaries to communicate effectively what is okay, and what is not, as to clarify any confusion in the future. It is a contract between people, things, places, and the self. Every human being has the right to create their own contract. But will they?

Your boundaries are important to sustain a healthy relationship with friends, family, yourself, and partners. Boundaries help you self discipline, so that you can become a better you. Boundaries give you the space that you need to be able to live comfortably. It also helps you to live a life with less chaos, and more empowerment. 

Set Your Intentions!

Boundaries must be made in the very beginning so that everyone involved knows how the journey will be! If you were in a room full of people, going to the same destination, I can guarantee that everyone has their own methods for getting there! If you all keep these steps to yourself, creating expectations for one another, you all may find yourselves in a doozy, unable to get to the final destination together. Communicate your expectations! Creating more boundaries along the way is not a bad idea, but be sure to not contradict your initial intentions! 

If you’re afraid to set boundaries, you are not giving yourself the respect you deserve. Everyone deserves to receive and give respect, until proven otherwise. The universe will still love and respect you if you don’t reciprocate that to yourself. Unfortunately, such a power tool of progression will not be felt or given at its full super saiyan power if you don’t know what it means to give that to yourself! 

I have learned the hard way to create my own boundaries. Struggling with my communication, I found myself backed up in a corner by those who didn’t know what I wanted, and those who didn’t know they were making me feel unsafe. I found in a lot of relationships with family as well as partners that many people were not afraid to share what they wanted from me. Unable and unwilling to make them feel uncomfortable or understanding, I often let them do as they pleased and waited for an “appropriate” response to arise. After my last romantic relationship, I finally got it together. I finally feel deserving of more than what this world has previously offered me. I had to take the initiative to say “no”, “stop”, or “I won’t have this”! Now I know how important it is, and how much MORE respect I will gain from telling someone how it’s going to be from the start!

It’s never too late to learn how to voice your own boundaries. What is important is that you DIRECTLY do it! When I worked at a restaurant, a customer once yelled at me, “what do you WANT us to do?” I realized then even my job, no matter how much servitude was required, needed me to put my foot down! 

Setting boundaries will not only open you up to self-empowerment, but will make and mend genuine connections with others. It will help you to be more assertive, more direct, and more of your own boss! You can tame lions with a voice of your own! You simply have to jump into the unknown, and into the uncomfortable in order to know just how comfortably YOU CAN LIVE!

World Identity Crisis

This society has an identity problem. 

What one person can see, another person may not be able to. If an individual is brave enough to share their perception of the elephant (referenced to the tale of the blind men and the elephant), others are usually resistant to their opinion, fearing that someone’s ideas will take over.

In truth we’re all figuring it out…together or by ourselves.

There are no problems with “figuring it out”, except when you’re not being receptive to knowing.

I once had a friend introduce a very intriguing concern of theirs: it seems as if everyone is trying to figure each other out, instead of getting to know the person they’re connecting to. 

I had to think long and hard about this. Our society is filled with paradigms that identify and shift cultures, create stigmas and stereotypes, and joke and cry about the differences people have from one another. We’re all trying to figure life out, after all…

Yet, figuring it out might be a problem. 

When you walk by a person in the street, the grocery stores, or restaurants, you don’t just look at a person as another comrade human. You profile them! Imagine scenarios of your interaction. Silently comment on their differences. You assume a life that you haven’t inquired about, because you created an idea of whom this person may be without having a single conversation with them. 

Are we all that predictable, or do we choose to see other people based on “human pattern”?

The term “human pattern” can be discovered in a number of ways. Do they look like someone you knew? Do they fit a stereotype everyone jokes about? Do they remind you of a past memory? Does their body language, voice, smell or eye contact stand out to you? Do they remind you of the most unfamiliar parts of yourself? 

The questions are endless! The human pattern is defined by any source of recognition that your mind creates to make sense of what you have encountered, by going into the files of that which already existed in your memories. Your mind wants you to understand your environment. The conditioning you have experienced all of your life shapes exactly what you’re seeing. It’s time for you to ask why. 

We feel the need to disconnect ourselves from others. This disconnection is the motive behind figuring someone out, as well as what makes them so distinct. Yet, if you were to get to know them, your mind will resonate with the similarities between you and that individual. 

If you were to look within yourself, what would you see? 

The friend I mentioned earlier commented that they felt disconnected from society, because of one’s preconceived notion of the world. My friend felt internally disconnected. They had taken on the idea that everyone aims to figure each other out, instead of trying to know one another. This associate of mine internalized the lack of identity that this society holds. 

Do you know yourself? How do you reflect that on your perceptions to the world around you? 

The reason why I emphasize the connection and the healing of the mind, body, and soul is because we are not just walking corpses having a physical experience. We internalize our past, make survival-based responses in the present moment, in hopes of continuously improving our future. How can you make a better future for yourself if you are not acknowledging all that you are, and all that you once were? Your past may not be here, but it resonated in your mind, imprinted on your eternal self, so that you may encounter these memories over and over throughout your life in varying instances. 


Understanding these connections within your being will help you to overcome the disconnections in yourself. You are meant to know yourself… not figure yourself out. Doing so will allow you to understand that we are all seeing the same thing. One side doesn’t make it the whole scene. Then, you can make the choice to figure out the world around you, or to truly know it. 

Do you need help making the connections that truly matter? Nonna is just a message away.

Are You A Super?

What is a super?

Do you recall all of those hero movies and tv shows you watched as a child, or teenager? Maybe you’re like me, and you still watch them! Well, supers aren’t just the heroes. They are the villains too. Supers are any being that acknowledges their inner power, and manifests it in any reality they see fit for themselves. 

After all, not all villains were born evil. In fact, life probably happened to them, and maybe their only problem was the protagonist of the story. 

Super-men and super-women are pretty complicated. Most of them were born with their powers dormant, lived an entire life away from their natural divine state, and opened the doors of true power by facing their darkest times. Whether or not they became the protagonist or antagonist of someone’s story, the world of super beings acknowledges that being a super starts far from living a super life.

We are all born with a potential to fulfill. We become supers; as we are not typically born supers.

“What about the kids with super abilities to learn, remember, predict, etc.?” 

Childhood magic exists! That means, when you are a child, your powers become a part of you, if ignited early. However, due to societal structure, most of us kill away our childhood magic by “realizing” what is real and what is not. Think about imaginary friends, for example. You’re telling me that your child(self) really made up the existence of non-physical beings with their own personality that talk and play and feel like us? Hmm. To each their own. 

It would be biased of me to say that only those of the “good side” rise and find themselves. In reality, once people find their power, they figure out what battles are worth fighting. That is usually based on a past that one either had to let go of, or ignite thereafter. The sense of “goodness” in a way can be debated. Pagans are often antagonized for their varying perceptions of life. Even the “heroes” of the stories become the bad guys in the eyes of many!

So how does one become a super? 

Yin, yang, light, dark and so on! We have a long term relationship with the polar forces that influence the minds of humankind. One is not solely bad while the other solely good. These forces are just ways to help us find our path. Once you come to realize that you need them both to find yourself, you can find your inner power by means of breaking the social structure of what it means to be the law abiding you of society.

Look at super man for example! Or shall I say Kent Clark? This guy had an office job, until he realized just how awesome his role in life was. And he broke a lot of rules! The X-Men Crew, all varying in ages and self-enlightenment, were very aware of how much they didn’t fit in (even in their family life). Poison Ivy…was a Doctor! And the list goes on!

So…What makes you so normal, that you can’t step out of your comfort zone and find the power within?

Oh Yes! I almost forgot! Are you a Super?

I don’t know whether or not you are a super! That is an answer that only you can provide, because gaining power all begins with self-empowerment. 

Do You Dare to Know the Truth?

Are you looking for the truth?

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but the truth is a lot closer than you think. In fact, there exist many truths! We humans, aliens, fairies alike, all here to fill in the blank spaces that are reflected from our deepest selves in order to figure out what we truly want to BE!

What in the world?? Allow me to break this down. 

For the longest while, we have relied on our environment to teach us the ways of life. We have learned about morality, structures, nurture and nature, yet we still have so many questions! Life doesn’t come with a manual! 

It’s not supposed to! We are the manual!

Perception is not just about taking in what the world gives you. It’s also about what you want to create, learn, and teach from your own imagination and psyche. The world of nurturing is here to give you key insights to choose from! It is up to you to internalize these pieces of information, and determine if they will be a part of your truth, so that you can add from your own mind to fulfill this idea. Once you have an idea or belief internalized, you then externalize it to see how the world responds to it. 

Your truth is not my truth… and that’s okay. 

Think about some of the most dangerous leaders of human history. How did they gain so much power? How did they make some of the worst decisions for humanity? They created their own truth, and they externalized it. They were shunned by a large part of the world. Yet, they were praised by some!

I’m not saying that all truths are great perspectives. I’m simply saying that you have the power to create your own truth! Do not allow the social paradigms to tell you there is only one way. “Their truth” says that there’s only one way.


In the novel 1984, the protagonist went against the grain in search of “the truth”, understanding that he can feel things beyond the daily trajectories of his life. He went so far as to “hide” from big brother. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful, as he was later on reconditioned to be a “civilized” human stock of a society that continued to warp the truth through the media, political propaganda, and even… language! According to this novel, if you can limit the words a person can express, then you can also limit the way they think and share ideas. 

I went hiking a few days ago and encountered a very nice old man who stopped me to tell me about the teachings of the Christian Bible. I personally enjoy listening to varying truths that people have based on their beliefs, because I feel like information, (even a tiny resonating sentence in a prolonged speech) can make a difference in my life. Living in the south however, I encounter a lot of people who want to tell me about their Christian beliefs and aim to convert me, assuming that I’m just not happy with what I believe in. To anyone reading this, I am a pagan, and I despise it when people want to convert me into a religion for many reasons that I won’t waste explaining today. After indulging in this conversation, I then shared a piece of my truth, and explained to this man how important it is for his beliefs to be a piece of the truth in this society. After listening to my piece of truth, his feathers ruffled some, and he told me my perceptions were wrong, and why there is only one way to live. This seems to be a very prominent trait in some religious people. 

That needs to stop. 

I won’t tell you that your truth is wrong if your truth helps you to sleep at night, and smile in the day. And I definitely won’t tell you how important it is for YOU to convert to my truth! We’re all diverse in our minds for a reason. Own your diversity! Your unique mental state will help us to understand our role in this world much more!

Sharp words hurt. It would be best for us to be able to avoid such a situation, but the universe has an interesting way to teach us. Whether or not you perceive this situation as a person invading your emotional state, or a flaw you can now learn from, you are creating a truth in your life that will help you to understand the world you live in at the moment. Truth is relative. That means you may grow out of that truth and find another truth that will help you to live a little easier. So what!

A manual for life does not exist because it is your job to give life power from your own perceptions, even if it’s different. 

Your truth is your business! The truths of other people are lessons for you to choose from. Choose your truth, and hold it closely. Never forget that we are always learning from one another and ourselves. 

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”- Aristotle

What Are Your Fears!


Don’t be afraid of the word. For even fear itself should never be feared. You are above everything that tries to tell you “No”.

Do not be so hard on yourself, lovely soul! We are all afraid of something. Birthed into this world, we made soul contracts to better the metaphysical Being that we are, by encountering factors that will bring out the fear in all of us. As morbid as that sounds, it’s for our own good.

Did you know that your biggest weaknesses are made to be your greatest strengths?

Whenever we put our skills on paper, we tend to underestimate ourselves, by cancelling out the things we can not do in this world, or supplying the traits we were too “weak” to overcome.

This is the part where you turn your life around. Your fears are your greatest allies. Your fears force you into a place, unknown to the pattern of the human mind, though ironically enough, it may have been influenced by the patterns of humanity. Fear can be dark, and scary, overwhelming, and sticky. Fear makes you insane, replaying over and over the failures of your mind. 

Fear Wants to Be Noticed.

“LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE TO FACE!” This is your time to shine! You must look fear in the face, and say “You are not, me. I am not you. Yet, you are here to teach me. You are my teacher.” 

Learning from fear does not mean to succumb to it. It simply means that at some point in your life, it was your ally, helping you to manage whatever incident just happened to you. Instead of dying on the spot, you learned fear so that you can avoid whatever traumatized your helpless self. It stuck with you, because your subconscious, and your society told you to survive. But now you’re a bit older, you’re wiser, and you don’t just want to survive. You want to live. 

Your fear helps you to survive, until you are ready to live. 

Living means that you are above taking care of the necessities. Living means adventure and comfort, stress and relaxation. Living means finding that balance so that you can fulfill that contract you made to yourself a long time ago, so that your life is The Fantasy. You don’t have to fantasize an afterlife, when it can be so good on this side as well!

It’s okay.

Fear may be something that we work through all of our lives. It’s time for you to see that your fears are not your enemies. The snobby dramatic people, the corrupt politicians, the hateful relatives are not your enemies. They are a reflection of the enemy within… your fear. Life has a really metaphoric way of teaching us who we are. Though it seems so critical that we end the danger now, there will always be something or someone to face. Look at life on the comical side.

We’re not supposed to be this serious, tense, or stressed. You Are Amazing! Full of Life, Death, Joy, Expression! The grief and fear you feel with it all is meant to test your ability to balance: what no longer serves you and what you are. 

Look fear in the face. Understand why it has been with you, and what you now have to learn of it, now that you are ready to live. 

The Service Industry

I’ve worked for many years in the service industry. Before getting a wage, I was raised to be of servitude to others. I was made to be concerned for their well being, to find the right solutions to their problems, to be as social or as quiet as they needed me to be, and to grow up knowing that what I do to others, is also what is going to happen to me. I later worked in the serving industry for what felt like too long, and do you know what I learned? No matter how proper or cordial, or concerning I could be for others’ emotions, I’d do myself an injustice for giving up my comfort for their snotty attitudes. 

It’s time to make America a better place.

A lot of people in my generation are very polite to those working in the serving industry. I believe that life has taken its own little toll on us, forcing us to open our eyes, and be more aware of the people around us, and the impact we make on them. Most of us had to learn by serving people, so that we can learn to serve ourselves. From working in the restaurant industry, I can say a thing like that is not spared to everyone… and it shows.

Intolerant customers, please understand that your temper might be big. However, your sever’s temper is much stronger. It takes a certain amount of patience to be able to handle the most stubborn of individuals. It also requires thick skin to live life with a big smile, knowing you’ve encountered a lot of boorish individuals. Underneath this thick skin, is one big baby waiting to hulk smash on the one person that wins the biggest asshole award. Most of the time those people are the ones that are closest to us. Clients may know how to annoy you in order to get what they want in a specific setting. Yet, loved ones know how to push the right buttons, to get you to react for their own personal amusement.
Let’s make America a better place:


People, let’s stop trash talking to each other. We all want the same thing. You want to spend your money on something that you deem deserving of your satisfaction. Your server, nurse, telemarketer, IT helper, and many others, want to gain the necessary money to spend it in the same way that you do. This is the cycle of commerce. Now that we know we all want the same thing, it’s about time to be nicer to each other. 

Restaurant customers, your servers did not cook your food. Patients, your nurses are not trying to kill you. If that were the case, you might as well ask your server to do surgery on you. Those who take care of you want the best for you, even if they aren’t perfect. 


Be patient with your loved ones. Life is already stressful with money problems, job dramas, a certain sickness in the minds of the people, and the list goes on. There’s no use in putting your personal pressure on the people you love. If you find your loved ones having a negative moment, you should give them exactly that…a moment away from you while they are dealing with life. If you are around someone that continuously pushes buttons… run. There is no moment with them. That is their life! You’ll have to discover whether that is worth the energy and the time you are spending. 


Teach kindness. We get it. Your feelings are hurt, so is his, hers, and everyone else around you. Stop taking on the pain that someone else impeded on you, only to push it in the face of the world. Trust may be hard to go around, but kindness shouldn’t be. It’s time to make this place better by first understanding that we live in a country that accepts a lot of free thinking and diversity. We shouldn’t use these things as a weapon against each other, but instead as a barrier to be united. 

We see this division in our outside world, because we are divided in ourselves. 

When was the last time you’ve dreamt of something big for yourself? Did you let yourself have it? Did you declare yourself deserving enough to drop what you do or have now, so that you can have that big dream? Or do you perceive a great divide between your dreams and your reality? How is your world any different?

The service industry has taught me many things. The biggest lesson I have learned is that I am worth more than this world gives to me. I then have to gather the strength to give myself what I deserve. It is time that you redirect the service you give, to something much bigger. Your dreams count too. 

Make America Better. 

We’ve been the superpower for so long, but what are we showing as a society? The same ten songs on the radio, a caricature of the human image, too many false products, and not enough love to go around? That’s insanity. 


This is the new America. We will treat each other divinely, as if we weren’t hurt in the past. We will use our diversity to understand that different perspectives are needed to make a very large  picture. We will respect the people that we serve and those that serve us, no matter how miniscule their occupation seems. Every heart matters. We will spread love like it is the shiny new BMW of the century. We will know that love exists in ourselves so abundantly that it can be shared!

This is New America. Here lies the place that the world wants to go to, because we become the superpower of society, the great influencers. We become the revolutionaries the world has been waiting on. We are meant to be the melting pot of the world! That’s what makes a society so great- being one and whole with everyone who wants to be involved.

Masculine Power

As a society, we are all reinventing the definition of feminine energy. Many have felt overwhelmed by the imbalances of forces. However, we must understand that there too is a redefining period for the masculine overtone. It is our job to make sure we remain balanced to the natural forces that we are made of. 

Masculine energy is practical, structured and logical. Masculine energy is the push we need to get anything done. When it is out of balance it may become over-controlling, in a way that makes people feel oppressed… Sound familiar? 

When the feminine energy is out of balance, it will make people feel out of control. These energies are very important in their own way. We must not reject that which we don’t understand. 

Masculine energy is within all of us. It is the wind that blows on a hot day. It is that rock-hard stubbornness that forces us to never back down. It is compassion expressed “because *insert observational standpoint*”. 

Masculine energy is known to be the warrior spirit itself. That is not true. Masculine or feminine, we will wage battle and win (in our own way). Masculine energy in a battle understands black from white, whereas feminine energy is the grey overtone everywhere understanding both sides, even if they choose only one. 

For too long, masculine energy has been out of balance. People misuse this energy as force, leading to enslavement of the people and the self. They use “chivalry” as a way to define the more charismatic characteristics of masculine energy, that only led to limiting the power of the feminine energy. 

When people think about witches, they more think of Glinda the good witch or the wicked witch, instead of Kal the wizard (from Halloweentown). In Halloweentown, they introduced the good male witch (or wizard) as pretty resisting. Even Dylan did not want to be a part of his natural metaphysical being. He wanted to be whole and “normal”. What is whole without the most basic parts of yourself acknowledged? Moral of the story, men are magical too! And magical women are waiting for YOU to come out like Kal!

Most say that the masculine energy has a sense of duty. While that may be true, I will also argue that everyone needs a purpose to fulfill. Masculine power is the resistance away from resistance. Continuity in patterns, routine, and order are a huge part of masculine energy as a way to ensure survival. 

I am a woman that recognizes my feminine power as much as the society around us. Yet, I know I am balanced in my masculine energy as I enjoy order, balance, and making things happen by my own personal methods. I am continuously in check with myself to make sure the actions I take and words I say are within equilibrium to the intentions I set out and the forces I withhold. 

The masculine power is as wielding as the feminine. Together, we become whole in ourselves.

In what ways are you conscious of your masculine and feminine power?

Feminine Power

When most people picture feminine power, they think of the feline: delicate, graceful, feisty, and courageous. There is so much power to the feline being in total, however this is not the only animal that which we women connect to. In fact, if you were to take away the label of the animal-like human, you’d see that there is much more than meets the eyes of the physical world!

We are Interconnected Metaphysical Beings!

Aside from that, WE are men and women. Sometimes we are a little more of one specific gender. Other times WE ARE both, depending on the identity that suits your nature. We all, to an extent, have feminine qualities to ourselves, and there is nothing wrong with that! If we were all strictly masculine, or strictly feminine, it would be much harder for humanity to find common interests and qualities within one another. That being said, this article is not meant to exclude men, but instead to give insight on the shadows of society. 

Back to the Feminine Power!

Ladies, it’s time to stop living in the world that everyone says that you do. We are not meant to wait on our knight and noble stead to swoop us off our feet and have a wonderful life, the end. Most men are too lazy for that anyways! And that’s okay. Women are not supposed to be the only ones cooking dinner every night! In fact, these societal standards of gender are on its way out, with the OLD comprehension of what it really means to be human!

The feminine power has been hidden from us for too long! We live in a society that thrives on order, conservativeness, factions and systems, and specific roles. We live in a society that strictly abides by pushing and pushing in order to get what we want! We live in a society that downplays the power of many in order to feed on their essence and give back very little.

While these qualities of life have worked for some time, they are only part of a society. The feminine power indulges in pulling like the moon onto the ocean. it is empowered by sharp instincts and influence, rebellion, and much more. The feminine power is not inferior to the masculine, as we are not delicate and nor weak. Feminine power, found in all of us (yet plays a primordial force in women) encourages change, progression, chaos, balance, birth and death, and the infinite knowing.

The reason why people are coming out as pagans, witches, and earth-based spiritualists is because people are grounding themselves to the truth of reality. Society isn’t thriving because it’s not accepting all sides of that which define humanity

Women, we are influencers too. We are fighters, warriors, leaders, speakers, healers, teachers, and so much more.!We can learn anything and everything we focus on, as we are flexible by nature, capable of taking on many tasks and accepting change. Our power is resilient, as we can undergo an entire society attempting to burn us, beat us, and blame us for the violence of other people. We are change. Society could not evolve without the feminine power. 

Society, stop telling women to refrain from doing things in life! You have perverted our identity for too long. We are not here for your pleasure. We know that it gets a little hard to see clearly, when man wants to remove Lilith from the history of human creation. She will never hide as long as women know of their liberating spirits.

Similar to most of this world, I was raised in a family that defined gender roles for me. In fact, I was encouraged to marry a man who could take care of me in ways to promote gender superiority, if you know what I mean. My family meant well, but I entered the dating world and realized that society was nothing like chivalry. In fact, I found myself in too many cases being the mother of my significant other, instead of the queen. Yuck! It took me a very long time to explore cultures outside of my own in order to realize that I have more power than this world would like to give us women credit for. 

What is up with the feline image of women anyways? Women! We have been deceived too many times over! I’ve stumbled upon quite a few sources that suggest the “taming” of women by depicting them as cats and influencing them to be the “inferior feline”. They are displayed as sexual, sensual, and expressive by simple means of pleasing “humanity” (aka. The flesh). This is inaccurate in so many ways! There exists ancient goddesses such as the healing Bastet, who implores power in womanhood and freedom, and Sekhmet, who is the lioness you are not meant to mess with! 

If you were to watch a cat in their natural form you can see that they either like you or they don’t; whether or not they have formed a discernment towards you they will NEVER let you take their independence away! Cats are misunderstood for so many reasons. They are BIG BEINGS in tiny cute furry little bodies. They may take the embodiment that scares humanity the least, but never take their small features for granted. Ladies, if you consider yourself to be a cat wake up the true Lioness Cat within you! 

The feminine power is now, as society changes and seeks a new identification. This world is changing because it is redefining the power of the woman. By channeling this energy correctly, we can gently pull each other together and really discover what is truly worth fighting for: A balance of the self and society within this universe.

This is just the beginning.

This is Not Okay…In Relationships

Relationships aren’t as easy-going as the movies make them out to be. However, they should not be as hard as pushing a boulder uphill. If a relationship causes you more stress than it does happiness, it’s time to rethink what you deserve.

Compromise in a relationship is a necessity

After talking to a number of people about relationships, I’ve found that individuals leaning more on the feminine side of their being are primarily the ones who will change and adapt numerous times in their relationships, for the comfort of their “other”. 

This is not okay.

Some think it is the nature of the female to adapt, and change, while the masculine figure is a creature of habit. While these are prominent traits in each gender, they are not defining aspects of a gender

An individual person has to be able to balance these lifestyle qualities in order to live an interestingly grounded life. A significant other is not meant to make another person feel whole, as the two are simple halves waiting for the other side. TWO must already be WHOLE in their individual beings! We might have soul mates, twin flames, or even twins. Yet, before we encounter any tribe members, we are what we are

We are meant to be whole by ourselves! 

As I am a woman myself, I am more familiar with the perspectives of other women. Women take on a huge role to change for their lovers. They change their friends, their appearance, their lifestyle, their kinks, their schedule, their money management, and their focus. They get tired of needing to change so much all the time, while their significant other simply adjusts to being around another person. 

This should not be. 

Women, you are changing so much about yourself that eventually, you will not recognize the person in the mirror. If your significant other can not adapt to who and what you are, or does not want to change with you, you will always feel like you sacrifice more than they do. You deserve to have a significant other that can make the same amount of sacrifices that you do!

Change may be uncomfortable, but change is imminent. We are always changing for ourselves, the people around us, the society that shapes most of us, and the goals we have to fulfill. Women, there is nothing wrong with saying, “I will have this, because I AM this!”

I too made the mistake of sacrificing more than I should have in my relationship. I abandoned my friends. My new friends were my significant other’s friends. I was pressured to change jobs because it made my significant other more comfortable for me to be a graduate with a “decent” job. I always drove to his home, because he didn’t feel at home in mine. I’m not an animal person, but I made his pet, my new animal-child. I cooked and cleaned all the time when we lived together, even when I was dog tired! I didn’t pursue my passions until I lost my job, and even then I was told I wasn’t doing enough for the home. No matter what I changed, it was never enough. After talking to a few women, I realized, I was not the only one going through this. 

When our relationship ended, my ex realized what he wasn’t doing. I too realized my own fallacies. It’s funny how much you realize when everything ends. He wanted me back, and finally wanted to change to show me that he can. I knew that he could all along. But I couldn’t make him when I needed it. Deciding to do and be better, is a change one has to make for themselves. Everyone is capable of change. 

When I saw just how rapidly my ex can change for the benefit of others, I was angry. I worked so hard to make him comfortable. I would have moved a mountain for him if he needed that. But he only felt the need to do the same when he knew that he’d lost me.
Women…Men ALSO, if you are sacrificing more than you are getting out of your relationship, know that you are worth more. Do not let your significant other feel so comfortable that they won’t move, or change, for you. Everyone is capable of doing it. They have to want to do it.

Relationships require compromise, balance, and care for the self and for the other. No one but yourself can make you whole. Stop treating people better than you would treat yourself. Would they realistically…in any given moment…do the same for you?

WE are interconnected, metaphysical beings. We are true beings of love. Love comes in many, many forms. Yet, love is truly healthy! Do not be fooled by that which is not healthy. 

It might be time to rethink, or re-feel what love is.  

P.S. I Forgive…you, myself, us.